Thursday, February 5

Getting back in the game | starting #whole30

Hey guys! Today's post is gonna be a quick update on something that I started this past Monday- my very first Whole30! I've been getting a bunch of questions since sharing on my social media that I was planning on starting, and so I just thought I'd update everyone on the why's and how's and how it's been going my first week!

Firstly I wanted to share the reason for starting in my sixth month of pregnancy! I've often brought up how sick I'd been up till a couple weeks ago, and during those pathetic months of toilet bonding the only things that I could seem to keep down were pretty much bread and diluted juice.haha As I started feeling better the rule was still 'the more processed the better' so my stomach could handle it. So as you can imagine after 4+ months of eating basically carbs and sugar, I was so ready to turn things around! Thinking about different cleanses and things I could try, my focus was basically I wanted to purge my body from carbs and sugar and I had been craving fruits and vegetables like crazy, so Whole30 seemed like the perfect option!
Moving onto the how, I really started blindly! I had planned on starting the first of February, but realizing that the 2nd was the first Monday of the month (and their weren't 30 days in Feb anyways) I decided to start this past Monday. The only thing I knew was that you're basically eating purely whole foods (pretty self explanatory) and avoiding anything with multiple ingredients or aka: processed foods! In my mind I think like, anything that's gone through a machine to be prepared or has any ingredients that I can't pronounce.haha

When I say starting blindly though I mean because I hadn't read the whole30 book, I hadn't looked it up online, I hadn't gone shopping or anything to stock up on fresh goodness, and I hadn't even really ask any questions or picked anyones brains, but I think that speaks to Melissa and Dallas (the creators) that it's a simple, natural, and easy to understand concept! It's really a lot like how I prepped for my competition (only much more flexible), and it's really how we like to live every day. Except maybe with more grains and some dairy added.haha

So, fast forward to today, I still haven't read the book -though I do have it now! I've printed off their shopping list which makes it super simple to see what you can eat, I've read through the rules so I better understand the fine print and what exactly to avoid, and my meals have been going great!

I'm still having to avoid all red meat and can only have chicken and fish sparingly, but I've basically had some of my favorite simple meals cooked my favorite ways with the the simplest of components, and I love it!

That's probably all I can and should share now.haha If you want see more of my meals and keep updated than I'd love for you to follow over on instagram! Also if you have any great recommendations for people or blogs/accounts you know of or like to follow for whole30 inspiration, or any tidbits of wisdom or advice you'd like to share would be awesome.

Thanks so much for reading today and have a great rest of your week!
Now get on over to Instagram to enter, and I hope to see you back here again tomorrow!

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  1. That's a great reason to start. I've thought about doing whole30 and the hardest thing for me isn't what you can eat it's what you can't. I typically eat clean, meats, fruits and veggies anyway. The splenda is a killer because I use it for coffee and greek yogurt. I'm also concerned about not getting enough fiber. It is only 30 days though so I suppose it would be survivable no matter what!!

  2. I'm in the last few days of my first Whole30 and I totally fell in love with it. Good luck with yours :)

  3. Have you looked at 100 days of real food? Lisa has a blog and cookbook. She dies use grain and dairy but no processed foods and some of hers may fit what you like plus she is encouraging and helpful about making healthy choices tword organic and minimally processed foods.

  4. I am about to embark on a Whole 30 journey myself - and belated congrats to your pregnancy, that news totally swooped by, ha!

    Have a lovely day!

    P.S. A quick look at your About me page, showed that there are still 3 kids mentioned with John only being 5 months old :)

  5. Good luck with your eating plan! I hope it gives you more energy and makes you feel healthy! My body craves sugar like crazy.. and I don't know that I could ever give up carbs.


  6. Good for you! I planned to start a whole30 on November 1, but since it was the day after Halloween that was tough haha. The kids got way to much candy and so hard to resist. But now its a few months later! And I feel like I could have accomplished so much/ finished a whole 30 or more by now. For now I am doing gluten free for a few weeks. I am so inspired by those who have completed a whole 30. So awesome!

  7. I second the motion for Lisa at 100 Days of Real Food! I don't do wheat but my kids do, and I find her recipes much healthier than most.
    BTW, have you picked winners to your 14 days of giveaways? I really hope I don't sound pushy asking that, but I want to make sure I'm not missing anything!

  8. Ah you do the whole 30! Good luck and success for you! :) I really love the "It starts with food"-book and read it twice. My diet is based on the recommandations of the Hartwiggs, though I also "cheat" with amanrath, quinoa, millet and rice, what's definitely not paleo but working for me. :)

    If you like, have a look around, I reviewed the book last year (better: it is a summary coming with personal thoughts). The mainreview is in German but I gave my best to translate it.

    Again, good luck and happy eating. :)
    Heike from

    You can find the review here.

  9. I also started Monday without reading the book but I did do some research. I finally got the book Saturday and have only read a few chapters but it sounds great. One tip is to prep your food because that will really help you when things get hectic.