Friday, November 21

What I Wore // some favorite Fall staples

As the snow has been melting and the weather warming up *just a tad, it seems like the flu bug and colds have been leaving with it and we may have some normal days on the horizon! I hate to talk so often about having sickies as an excuse to get out of things, but when your husband has a full-time job that's mostly away from home and you're alone with 4 little babes taking turns being sick it can be hard to not let it consume you.haha 

But we carry on, and I try to keep my chin up:) Ever the optimist I just think how great a day it was if I managed to vacuum a floor and take a shower WHILE keeping all the kids alive and the laundry going(even if i'm not going to fold it).hahaha  

I want to promise you that I do have my frustrating moments and my break downs (for those that have questioned that a lot in the past:)), but I just think of all this trouble lately as working into the Winter Rytham, you know? I feel like there's a different speed and course of living with each season, just like you may change out your wardrobe and take those summer bins to the basement. It just takes time to work into it with a buy schedule or busy family, or both at once.haha

We'll get there:)

In the meantime though here is what I wore on a fun little errands trip this week, and I can't get enough of some of these pieces, particularily this hat and sweater! (and this bag of course which I use every day, every week, all year long:))
outback hat - c/o nordstrom
necklace - thrifted (similar herehere, and here)
knit sweater - target (love all the colors!)
lily jade bag - c/o Lily Jade (crazy on sale!)
london cuff - c/o nickle and suede (on sale too!)
pencil skirt - out of stock (similar herehere, and here, and this one is different but I want it!!!)
wedge bootie thingies - c/o ross (similar here)

I hope you have a fantastic rest of your weekend! 
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  1. Love the booties! I hope your household is all well soon ;-)

  2. Your side braid is so gorgeous and I love your outfit!


  3. Love that sweater - and the hat! :)

  4. This is such a great "Fall" uniform outfit! You look gorgeous!

  5. Great look and i love the hat on you! Beautiful hair!
    ♥ ♥

  6. My heart, oh, those shoes!!!
    I also just love that braid! I think braids are really the best Fall accessory ^_^ they work with everything, don't they!


  7. I do not know how you balance it all even with the kiddos are healthy so double kudos for your balancing/organization powers. This is a great look and I love the hat

  8. Adorable...that sweater is gorgeous!

  9. I may have to come and steal that bag!

  10. Your hair is gorgeous!! ♥