Monday, November 17

Weekend Wrap-up (In case you thought the worst:) )

This Week: I LIVE! Okay so maybe that was a dramatic way to start, but I feel like coming back from the biggest break ever from blogging deserved as bit of drama:) I just reached a moment a couple weeks ago when life got a little too crazy, and we were all getting a little too sick, and my to-do list was getting a little too long, and my brain just said STOP. Don't get me wrong, I have in no way been on vacation from my overly long to-do list, but taking a little break from a few bigger aspects of my daily routine and saying "I can't" a few more times than I like too has made the difference in my sanity these last couple weeks. 

There have been lots of late nights rocking sick babies back to sleep after cleaning their bedsheets for the third time (often when I was sick myself), lots of last minute planning ways to keep the animals warm with the sudden snowfall (and consequently had my first near-death experience fishtailing in the snow), I had the opportunity to teach some hairstyling classes at the Pinner's Conference (huge blast!), lots of re-configuring our plans and schemes for the impending new year, and had a few more sleep-ins than I usually get thanks to all the poor sickies:( haha All in all the little impromttu step back from a few extras was very very needed, and for those that noticed I was gone than k you for your words of encouragement and love!
To-do's and Goals for the Week:
- take the kids out to build a snowman
- set up the rest of Christmas in the parlor
- get the rest of the firewood stacked against the house
- make some more fire-starters
- clean out my nightstand
- start a new knitting project
- start a new book
- catch up on my emails (lifetime goal)
- cut the kiddies hair
- write out our 'thankful' lists
- white-out all the canvases in the closet
- write out my 'to make for christmas' list
- plan the rest of the girls room
- meditate more
- start work on the curtains upstairs

A Few Favorites:
- this famous Pirum Pear print that I really want for the girls room but can't justify the pricetag
- came across this recipe for pumpkin pie with praline topping and can't wait to try for thanksgiving
- Target + Toms. the end.
- this circular weaving using a hoola hoop = pure genius 
- loved this cute video of a 1 year old learning to walk, since this is Lydia right now:)

A Few Facts: 
  • I will never have enough candles in my possession. ever.
  • I have a strange obsession with fruit rollups lately...
  • I secretly wish that our kitty wasn't spayed so we had the chance of having kittins sometime:)
On Repeat this week: 'oh dear' by Sophie Zelmani

Something To Take Away:
- 'You can never cross the great ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore' - unknown

Thanks so much for visiting today! I hope you have a great rest of your week, and I hope to see you back here soon:) Ahhh there are so many exciting posts, projects and announcements coming to the blog very soon, I can't wait! xoxo
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  1. Oh girl, we all need a little blogging break now and again! Welcome back :) Glad everyone is feeling well again!! Your to-do list looks pretty darn ambitious! Good luck!!

  2. I am sorry that your family was sick! I hope you all are feeling better. That is so neat that you knit! I have been working on a knitted nativity scene. Thank you for all your posts! You do a great job!!

  3. Sometimes a break from blogging is just what the doctor ordered, especially when life gets a little busy or hectic. Glad that you all are feeling better! Having a house full of sickies is no fun. Good luck with your to-do list :)

  4. It's perfectly acceptable to have some off time. It's better than getting so burned out that you give up entirely. Nice to see you back & feeling fab. :] // ▲ ▲

  5. Welcome back! I've only recently started flollowing your blog so I had lots to read while you were taking a break. I love your blog. You are so stylish and you take great pictures. I'm glad you and your family are feeling better.

  6. Welcome back! I hope all is well! I love the quote you shared - it's beautiful!

  7. cute is your cat???

  8. Love the quote -- so appropriate for me right now. Thank you for sharing!

  9. glad everyone is getting better - but it figures - as soon as I find your blog, you take a 2 week "break", lol So glad you're back! how about posting some smoothie recipies

  10. If you want kittens there are always plenty needing homes from your local shelter or animal rescue group. There's such a huge overpopulation problem with cats so I'm glad your kitty is spayed!

  11. Just reading baout all the goings-on you have makes me tired! Take the breaks you need Mama Fox, we will always be here when you come back.