Saturday, October 25

Sponsor Call + a huge Halloween ad Sale!

Happy Weekend! It's been ages since I did an official 'sponsor call' /ad sale post, and since Halloween is less than a week away I figured it would be a great time to have a Halloween/ Fall/ Just because ad sale for you beautiful people!
The traffic on my blog has continued to grow and grow, and this month it's headed towards bringing in double the readers that we had just in July!  I'm currently running my 1 XL solo feature/giveaway spot, 1 in-post banner ad (that runs at the bottom of every blog post for a month and has the same perks of the XL!), 10 Larges (they're always popular and with a big group giveaway), 8 mediums (which also get a giveaway!), and 10 littles for that little extra bit of new readership and traffic! My variety of sizes and amounts will be changing next month, so hurry and sign up to be part of the fun in November! 

Use Passionfruit promocode: PUMPKINSPICE at checkout to receive a whopping 40% off your purchase! Also don't forget that when they say 'booked' it only means they're full currently, but you can still purchase and get in line for the next spot that opens up! Also if you'd like to stick around for three months than email me for a further discount:)

Find any information you'll need about my sizes and pricing, as well as further statistics(though they're a bit behind:)), etc, on my sponsor page. You can also find alternative ways of being featured/working with The Freckled Fox besides sponsorship's through giveaway's etc all in the same spot:)

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have, and I really really hope you'll join the sponsor team! Thanks so much for visiting, and have a great rest of your weekend!

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