Friday, October 17

Friday Finds #103 - my fall fashion obsession continues

This week I found...
 1 | this basic and drapy beige trench that is so perfect for this time of year. love love love
 2 | I've been layering gold necklaces so much lately, so this layered piece looks easy and quick!  
 3 | I'd been looking for the perfect fedora for ages and this week I found it at j crew. figures:)
 4 | this recipe for carrot cake baked doughnuts look amazing, and I'd been looking for a long time! 
 5 | this pair of latrice heels that are exactly the ones I've been looking for for ages (at least for under $200:))
 6 | my black and white combo obsession is very real, and these guess pumps are feeding that in a big way.haha
 7 | this garance dore collection calender that I've actually had my eye on for a while now, but needed to pass on! 
 8 | this peach woolen coat that would be a new color for me, but that I'd love to see if I can pull off! 
 9 | I'm always a sucker for stripes in black and white, and this passport cover could encourage me to get mine! 
 10 | I've been wanting to try benefits blushes and bronxzers for a while so this collection would be perfect! 
 11 | I've heard so many good things about this lippie from it cosmetics this past week, I'm so curious to try it! 
 12 | this baublebar piece that would go with so many different things, and is pretty fun and loud
 13 | this is such a delish looking open-faced sandwich, and it has green beans, beets, and a fried egg!
 14 | this is such a comfy looking cotton skirt. I've been looking for a skirt like this for a while
 15 | this gorgeous throw on knit piece that's for sure out of my price range, but at the top of my wish-list 
 16 | I've never bought a dolce & gabbana nail polish, but all these colors are so really beautiful and tempting
 17 | these carra snake pumps from ivanka trump are pretty inexpensive, and I love the metallic! 
 18 | this basic poncho from choies that is going to take away my poncho virginity here very shortly I think 
 19 | these warby parker specs are discribed as 'the perfect complement to a larger than average face.' that's me:)
 20 | this post on wild herb gathering from fork and flower is really inspiring and beautiful in many ways
 21 | I found rag and bone this week and wondered where they've been all my life. haha love the scarf. 
 22 | this adorable white and gold 'lipstick stain' mug that needs to join our collection! love white and gold:)

I so appreciate you stopping by, and I'd love to hear what you think of this weeks collection of finds! Most of them are items on my wishlist and a couple are new purhcases this week, and since I know we have a lot in common I'm happy to share them with you:)

Take care, and have a great rest of your week!
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  1. Great finds! Love #18. Ponchos and capes are fabulous.

  2. Loving #19 always on the look out for fab new specs.

  3. Loving #19, always on the lookout for fab new specs.

  4. Great findings :)
    Love #8, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19, 22 ... Great choices definitely !!!

    Alana and Kyra

  5. Oh my goodness, 22, that is the best!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  6. Ooooh I want to collect all the Benefit blushes and I didn't even know that palette existed! Thanks for the heads up!!!

  7. #5... those are pretty much my dream heels.