Monday, September 1

Labor Day Ad Sale + a Fall Fashion Giveaway!

Happy Labor Day my friendlies!

September is my absolute favorite month of the year and I'm so excited about the posts I have planned for this month. September is when the leaves start to change color, the nights start to get chilly, out come the layer that have been packed way, and I can legally start making cups of hot chocolate on a regular basis.haha

That being said I'd love to have you join the fun in The Freckled Fox for this month, and seeing as the first day of my favorite month also falls on a holiday I can't resist the chance to have a big old ad sale for you guys! If you'd like to look into advertising on my sidebar or in my posts you can purchase here with just a couple clicks, and use the promo code: LABORDAY40 for 40% off my Large, Medium, and Small ads only, from now until 11:59 MST tonight! If you'd like more information on various advertising packages, current statistics and pricing, or have any questions at all, feel free to contact me at or read this post here for the most updated version:) 

Now on to more Fall fun! I've partnered up with a my girl Janee and a bunch of other fun ladies to offer one of you the chance for a $450 gift card to the clothier of your choice {provided they offer gift cards} towards a big shopping spree! I'm pretty sure we could all use a little Fall wardrobe umph:)
Live Colorful | Tara Victoria | Kiss Me Darling | Ex Vitae | Yeobo | Yellow Bird + Yellow Beard
Thanks for checking in today, and I hope you have a great holiday if you're celebrating in some sort of way:) At any rate have a great first day of September, and I'll see you here tomorrow! 
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  1. Happy Labor Day! What a fun giveaway!

  2. Your rafflcopter widget doesn't seem to be working, Emily. I went to the other sites and theirs are, but yours isn't popping up.

  3. Hope you have a great September :)

  4. oh my goodness, my new Blanqui leggings just arrived, I am in LOVE!! come on cooler weather!! They are so comfortable and well made, worth every penny!!