Tuesday, July 1

Be a A Part of The Freckled Fox + a Big Ad Sale!

Happy July you guys! Can you believe it? I don't normally do sponsor calls here, but I do love a good reason to give out discount codes to all you sweet followers of mine! Also I figured since there have been a lot of questions about my ad department, and it's the beginning of a new month, I figured what the heck right? :)
The Freckled Fox is visited daily between 18-25,000 times, averaging well above 600,000 visits per month! If you have a blog, shop, etsy store, youtube channel, or business, etc that you feel has anything in common with The Freckled Fox and therefore it's readers, I'd love to work together to help you reach my large and growing audience! The lovely ladies (and gents *wink*) who read my blog know that it's my for-profit passion/business, and that I only share blogs and businesses I love and believe in with them!

Sponsor Ad Options:
Right now for those wondering about the availability of my XL spot, I've created another spot (the in post banner ad) that will be positioned at the bottom of each and every blog post on this blog, and it's a little cheaper than the XL but with all the same perks! 
- The Large spots sell out fast, but there is always a fast turnaround because of the quantity, and they get to participate in the monthly group giveaway that has helped tremendously with bringing new attention to the many shops and blogs that have participated.
- The Medium ads I am happy to say will start having their own little feature this month so that they can be introduced to a few more faces (hooray!),
- and the Small ads are perfect if you're just trying to get your feet wet in the world of blog sponsorship's and test out the fit of a new partnership:)

Partnership Opportunities:
As far as sponsored campaigns and reviews, outfits, giveaway's, affiliates, banner and social media advertising, and other collaborations, I am really honing in on brands and companies that I would choose to or already do purchase from, and that I am certain my trusting audience would love and be excited about as well. I turn offers away often if I feel there isn't a natural way to for a collaboration to proceed, and there are many more good fits that have improved my blog experience for my readers and helped grow the brands involved! 

If you're ready to buy a sidebar or in-post ad, you can purchase here with just a couple clicks, and if you'd like more information on various advertising packages, current statistics and pricing, or have any questions at all, feel free to contact me at! I'm embarrassed to say that my sponsor page is quite out of date with much of that info, but will be updated very soon:)

Finally as a little 4th of July perk, I'm offering 40%off my three smaller ad sizes (Large, Medium, and Small Only) from now until 11:59pm on the 4th! Just visit my ad shop here, and enter the code: Fireworks40 at checkout for your discount. Will accept the discount on up to three ads purchased, so please keep that in mind!

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope that you choose to partner up for July and beyond!

P.S. do you have any fun plans or traditions you're doing for the weekend? I'd love to hear!
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  1. Def gonna look into this! Thanks :) Love your blog!
    XO Ellen

  2. Your hair looks amazing in this! I love it when my hair pulls this kind of long and messy look off half as well as you do.

    Lovin' Lee Life