Friday, September 5

Friday Finds #101

This week I found...
 1 | these tribal print shoes from Anthropologie are perfect for fall. Love the designs so much!
 2 | love this print from a new favorite etsy shop. Need it for the girls room,
 3 | this necklace from modcloth that was suggested by one of you guys which is just my style! 
 4 | these amazing doughnuts need to make an appearance on my  table right about.. Now.haha
 5 | this quote is an absolute favorite, and I love this lettering.
 6 | this lovely set of brush painted bottles again from Anthro. I spent a while on there last week:)
 7 |  this amazing quilt that I came across on a blog but wish I could find the origional source:/
 8 | these dipped twig pencils are so rustic and creative. I'd love a bunch!
 9 | the recipe for this delish apple cake which we'll be making next week for sure,
 10 | these wide-heeled pumps are so great in both the beige and black, I need them! 
 11 | this totally awesome replica of the katniss everdeen scarf from catching fire! yes. please:)
 12 | these little striped pants are just what I need for Lydia going into 
 13 | Gina's shop is a longtime favorite, and these dipped pendents are perfect for Fall.

And that's it for now! I spend a lot of hours online every day as I'm sure you can imagine, and I'm always bookmarking and pinning fun and inspirational things that I find, so it's great to have a post where I can share some of my favorites once a week, and I hope you enjoy it too! 

Now that I've done 101 of these Friday Finds posts I'd love to know if they're something you like to see when you visit and if I should keep them up:) Let me know, and take care today!
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  1. Here's that quilt for you!

  2. The quilt is Urban Outfitters! It's the perfect weight for fall :)

  3. ummm and where can I find that scarf?????

  4. thanks for sharing my necklaces! xoxo