Friday, June 13

Friday Finds #95

This week I found...
1 // this white and black vegan leather envelope clutch is so simple and pretty
2 // this cascading chain necklace is really my style lately. perfect.
3 // I've never been a huge fan of pound cake, but these refreshing takes on it might change my mind
4 // this falling in puppy love shirt from modcloth that doesn't have puppies on it, but birds? love it
5 // this finders keepers shelf is amazing. I want a while wall of them, in my office maybe?
6 // this green pasta salad from milking almonds looks divine
7 // since i'm just barely getting a lot of the walls in my house decorated, and it's a 1907..
8 // this brass hanging sculpture needs to hang in my office
9 // this white blazer looks like it would fit perfectly hanging in my closet.haha
10 // I know that birks are all the rage right now, but I still don't have a pair, and I'm loving these
11 // this eye-shadow palette that you guys have been saying I should get. love those colors!
12 // what would Audrey do? I gotta know

I hope you have a terrific weekend! Thanks for visiting,

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  1. I just ordered some white birks and some aqua blue ones from ebay! I got them together for less than the cost of one full price pair and I'm so excited for them to get here in the next few days!!! My last pair of birks (aqua blue) have lasted so many years and are filthy and worn so it was high-time they were replaced! I love your tastes!