Thursday, May 29

WEDDING HAIR WEEK: Textured French Roll | by emily meyers

Howdy:) We've been having an especially crazy week over here and it's been amusing to see how much we can squish into a single day.haha For today's tutorial in my bridal/prom/formal themed tutorial series I wanted to share a really fast and easy method to achieving a french roll that I've been doing for a long time:
It's made especially versatile because it has just the right mix of ease and effortlessness yet sophistication and glamour don't you think? and just so we're clear, as with all of my tutorials that I do in these themed weeks, the theme is merely a fun way to group them together and inspire me as to ways I can share tutorials that have been requested. So, to the girl who wanted to make sure yesterday's tutorial wouldn't be too fancy for a concert, these are definitely not just for formal occasions! Especially this one, which is made better by it's almost messy texture.haha Anyway's moving on to the tutorial, which I hope you love by the way!
Tools & Supplies:
 dry shampoo       //       comb       //       hair-tie       //       bobby pins       //       hairspray

Steps 1-4: It's best if you have day+ old hair for this style, or if not (1) use some dry shampoo or some loose hold hairspray distributed through your locks for some good texture and grip. (2) Choose a side part and comb your hair smooth on top, 'scratching' your hair underneath to loosen it from your scalp. (3) Lean your head back and brush your hair with your fingers to further loosen it up and give it texture. Pull your hair straight away from your head and (4) secure the ends with a hair-tie. 
Steps 5-8: (5) Tilt your head forward and brush your hair to one side with your fingers. (6) Secure the hair to the back of your head with 5-6 bobby pins directly down the middle, only going up about 4 inches or so from the bottom of your hair. (7) Start rolling your ponytail towards the row of bobby pins with one thumb in the top and one in the bottom so you maintain the 'roll' look. (8) Don't worry if your layers or fringe fall out, you can tuck them in perfectly later:) 
Steps 9-12: (9) Once you reach your head with the roll of hair, (10) bobby-pin it to your head with bobby pins going the direction of your roll. Use as many as you need for it to feel secure, just make sure that you're not pulling the roll too tight and taking away it's loose and easy feel. Once you're through pinning, (11) tug sides of your hair away from your head a bit, and pin back your layers or bangs (if they're out) into your roll, letting them swag into place. (12) Finish off with some hairspray and you're all done!
I love that this style doesn't require any heat, doesn't matter if you have stick straight or very curly hair, and that it doesn't take longer than 5-10 minutes to complete! It also works for very long hair as you can see here and also for my friend who has shoulder-blade length hair, so I hop you aren't daunted by my through directions and pictures and that you give it a try!

As always I really appreciate you visiting, and I love to hear your feedback if you have any! Feel free to always ask me any questions you may have, because I love chatting it up with you:) Also don't forget that like I always say if you've posted any pictures of your hair in this or any of my hairstyles I'd LOVE to see it, so leave me a links so I can go check it out!
Have a really good day today, and see you again soon!

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  1. You make this look so easy. Will have to try this! Thanks for the great hair tutorials. Are you also going to be doing some of these on your youtube channel?

  2. Love to see that this works for very long hair too!! Your tutorial breakdown is great - can't wait to give this a try this weekend! XO

  3. Will you post the winner of the giveaway for the Canon soon? Btw, beautiful hairstyle. :)

  4. you have the best hair of anyone ever. the end.

  5. Oooh yay new hairstyle to try! I love that it's super simple yet looks so chic! You look amazing of course :)

  6. You make it look so effortless! Beautiful hair!

  7. You look so classy in the first photo! Your skin looks so flawless. And seriously, you have THE best side profile ever. haha

    Love the hair. I think I still need a bit more length but I definitely will have to try this! Love how it looked from behind. :)

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