Friday, May 30

Friday Finds #94

This week I found...
1  // this simple canvas bag that definitely needs to accompany me to the mountains in two weeks  
2  // frozen strawberry cake with cashew crust. sounds so good for summer
3  // a delicious looking recipe for pea soup. I can't wait to try it! 
4  // this perfect and light red hounds-tooth summer dress from modcloth. looks so comfy 
5  // dried flowers arrangements never looked so good
6  // these parrot journals have such beautiful detailing. I have such a bad notebook addiction 
7  // this recipe for rosemary garlic bread sounds so awesome. I want some right now! 
8  // this set of his and her glasses that need to live in our kitchen cupboard  
9  // this pair of madden flats with paneling and lace. perfect for spring and summer!
10  // tom ford lippies. need them all 
11  // this photo I came across on tumblr. get me to the mountains n.o.w.

Fill your days with inspiration and your nights with lots of rest for your brain! haha Thanks for visiting friend, 

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