Monday, April 21

Festival Hair Week: Easy Headscarf Roll

{Update: Good news! Because of all the requests there's now a video tutorial over on YouTube for this look!}
Hi loves! I'm in such a great mood today because I'm starting a new mini series/hair tutorial week here on the blog, and I haven't done one of these in way too long! This week is inspired by music festivals (in case you couldn't tell:)) mainly because the festivals are kicking off in full swing, because I've been getting lots of requests for these type of tutorials, because I've been in a big bohemian/hippie hair type of mood lately, and because they're relaxed and easy and perfect for this time of year! Here's the first tutorial to kick off the week:
Okay I am not even kidding you when I say this style took me about 2 minutes tops. I know you've seen a lot of different types of the hair roll/gibson tuck tutorials on here because I love them so much, but I was thinking for a while how I could make the look even easier, and this is the end result! It can be sleek and tidy or textured and messy depending on what you're going for, it doesn't require Any teasing what-so-ever, and there's not a single bobby pin in there! Seriously this takes the cake for speed, anyone can do it if your hair goes past your shoulders and even if it touches the floor.haha I just can't wait for you to give it a try and tell me what you think! 
Tools & Supplies:
1 bandanna or small headscarf // 1 hair-tie // small elastic for roll // dry shampoo // teasing comb // hairspray

Steps 1-3: Start off with 'old' hair (or spray on some dry shampoo to add some texture and grip), and tease your crown a bit for some added lift if you wish. (1) Pull all your hair directly back away from your head and tie a hair-tie securely a couple inches from the end. (2) Roll up your bandanna or headscarf tightly, and put a little elastic around the middle if you're just beginning, this will keep it from unrolling on you. (3) Tuck the hair-tie over the bandanna once... 

Steps 4-6: ...and begin rolling towards your head, (4) not worrying too much about how loose the sides look, because you'll take care of those in a minute! (5) Once you reach the base of your neck with your roll of hair, tie the bandanna off-centered, and (6) use your fingers to comb the hair on the sides over the bandanna and tuck inside. 

Steps 7-9: (7) Do this all the way around, and use a two way mirror if needed to see the back. At this point you can leave it looking tidy and sleek, (8) or you can start tugging your hair out a bit at your crown, from the roll itself, (9) at your temples, along your hair line, etc for a more relaxed and effortless look. Give it a little spritz of hairspray if you'd like, and you're all good to go!

Something I wanna mention if you're new to my tutorials:) I figure that too many pictures and instructions is better than not enough, and so I always go into depth in my tutorials so that the reader will have as much success as possible the first time, so please don't be daunted by long text or lots of pictures!

I hope you give it a try and that you love it as much as I do! Remember to always come back here to comment if you have a question, or I'm always on Instagram too if you need help or advice. I'm So so excited about this hair tutorial week on the blog, and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for the next style!
xo, Emily

P.S. follow this link for the round sunnies I'm wearing! :)

P.P.S. click here to read a bit about the 'new look' of my tutorials and also to see the tutorial that sort of kicked off the bohemian series!

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  1. beautiful! I've been trying to figure out new ways to wear my hair in the summer (which, since we live in los angeles, has basically already started) and this will probably be a new regular, so cute, AND i get to wear my cute vintage scarves!

  2. This looks foolproof enough for me to try - thanks for the tutorial!

    Liz @

  3. Geesh! You are breathtakingly beautiful! Do you happen to have a tutorial already posted on your eye makeup look here? I love using this type of hair style to actually curl my hair without heat in the summer! This is a great way to look cute with an updo one day, and then curly and down the next day!

  4. Can you stop being so beautiful ?? haha !
    I have to try this very soon ! I have long and thick hair... maybe that technic would be more appropriate when i'm boring to do the same updo everytime i want it to be attached...
    Thank you for the tutorial and please, excuse my english ! ;)

  5. This looks amazing! And so easy! I hope I can pull it off. Thank you!! <3

  6. Ooh I can't wait to try this. Do you have a link to the types of makeup brushes or color blush you use for contouring? Your makeup looks very fresh and natural and I have the same coloring as you. It's hard as a redhead to find that! Love this blog♡

  7. Another amazing creation! Never would've though about doing the hair-tie in the middle of the bandana haha :))
    I'm trying it out immediately now so that I'm ready for tomorrow's big day ahead of me :)
    Thank you, Emily! xxx

  8. Gorgeous new style. I've been sporting something similar with an elastic band. I love how easy this look is.

  9. this is the best way I've seen this hair styling explained anywhere. I love that you have long, thick hair because I feel like I can never find hair tutorials that work with my mop!

  10. Love it. Have been looking for some new summer styles.

  11. It looks like an hour of work! I think even I can work this one out, and that says a lot about my hair styling skills ;-) And like always... you look absolutely amazing Emily! xo

  12. Wow! You're photos are amazing! I can't wait to try this with those scarves I never get to use. This style would be perfect to keep my long hair off my shoulders during summer!

  13. This looks so pretty, and easy enough for me to try! -Hanna Lei

  14. I have a question. I tried this one this morning, but couldn't pull it off at all. My hair kept falling out of the elastic and was all over the place when I tried to roll it up with the bandana.
    Could it be because it's not cut straight, but rather leveled? If yes, any advise how to handle it?
    Also can you tell me how long is your bandana? Thanks!

  15. Love this! You are always so creative and your hair tutorials are so straightforward and simple, which I love!
    xoxo, em

  16. You are so gorgeous! This is such a romantic hairstyle! :) Thanks for sharing!

  17. PLEASE post a video!!! I have tried this several times and it DOES NOT work for me!!!! I need to see what you are doing in action!! I would be so appreciative if you could do a video!

  18. Hahahaha!! I am wearing my hair like this right now after trying your tutorial and I am dying laughing as I look like a vagabond!!! I just don't have the twisting skills, it's definitely a pinterest fail for me but it's hilarious and I love how it looks on you! I guess I just need to keep practicing! ^_~

  19. I generally just use an elasticised flower-crown headband - I put it over the top of my hair and then tuck the locks at the back over the back of the band. Easy! It looks exactly the same as this. :D No hair ties, no pins needed. :D