Sunday, March 30

The Freckled Fox Loves: Happy Mommy Box

Hey loves, so it's nearly April, and it's Sunday again! How do you like that. Do you see Sunday as the beginning or the end of your week? I see it as the end. It's the calm before the storm, the last rest before the work you know? I'm hoping to take it a little easy today in preparation for a big week ahead in all aspects, but I wanted to jump on here real quickly and share something that I've been meaning to tell you guys about for a while:
Happy Mommy Box! Let me say first that I did not receive any payment for writing this, I don't think Natalie or Mandy have any idea that I'm posting this at all, I just know there are a lot of you that would love this or have already asked about it and that need to hear details:) I also realize that a lot of you not only know what this is already but recently received your March box in the mail! So since I can no longer spoil anyone's surprise (a horrible thought), I'm gonna share a few pictures and give you a brief summery of what it's about:)
Natalie introduced herself to me a long time ago and has actually appeared here on the freckled fox in the past you may remember. I've been such a huge fan of her amazing and popular blog full of her passion for motherhood and her unending creativity. When she teamed up with her partner Mandy of House of Rose and they launched the first Happy Mommy Boxes, I was so excited for and proud of her!

In a nutshell, Happy Mommy Box is a subscription box care package for mama's, from mama's, focused on inspiring and encouraging mothers. In every box you can expect 3-4 items for you (jewelry, accessories, little treats, etc), something for your little kiddos, a cute print, and a monthly magazine with words and features from blogging or small business owning mothers as well as recipes, tips and tricks, just all around full of encouragement and inspiration. All you do is pick your subscription (you can sign up for one month, three months, or for a reoccurring subscription) and wait for your box to come the first week of every month!
Look, it's me! I was so honored to be asked to be the featured mommy for the March box and was lucky to get ahold of a one, because ever since the first boxes after the launch were sold out in like a half an hour(so crazy!) there's been a big waiting list despite their opening up more and more slots every month. Here's a little list of everything I got in my March box, just to give you a rough idea, though every box is worth more than double what you're paying for it, not counting the free shipping!
  • there's a beautiful pair of earrings from Wrenn Jewelry
  • a couple cute hair ties from Southern Sister's Monagrams
  • a lovely print from Pretty Print Shop
  • a fun plastic table setting from IKEA
  • a little pack of clover confetti from Sawyer Leigh Boutique
  • a darling calender from Pearl and Art Design
  • a bonus item- I got a cute magnet from Tinker Dot Designs though I know there were other things like a headband, a cute frame, etc 
  • and the monthly magazine that I mentioned featuring yours truly for march (so grateful to be asked to contribute!) and also some fun mom owned shops, a recipe, party ideas, tutorials, etc etc. 
So is that fun or what?! I'll finish up by just saying one more time how proud I am of Natalie and Mandy and all the time and effort they put into these boxes to spread encouragement and inspiration to so many moms out there who need it the most. This was such an awesome idea, and now there's finally something specifically for mommies that can spoil us and help us feel uplifted, and that we're not alone! Home run ladies:) 

One last thing, if you're a small business owner looking to contribute to a future box you'll find all the info you need right on the site:) Now go sign up, or sign up a friend, and thanks so much for stopping by! Take care,
xo, Emily

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  1. Love this! I am on their waiting list, I can't wait!

    Makeover With Aspen

  2. This is so great! I've never heard of them, but will visit their site now. I feel bad for saying that...but I've basically been living under a rock for the past year :) Oh...and I have a couple friends who are expecting. Maybe I will subscribe for them as a gift. Thanks for letting me know Emily!

  3. Love this idea and you are the perfect MOM to be in their magazine :)
    I haven't been able to connect to their site, I assume it's been really busy. Thanks for the introduction to their product.