Monday, November 11

Guest Post: My Favorite Things About Being a Mommy - by Natalie Lesnefsky

Happy Monday my peoples! We've been having really warm weather around here, and I feel strength coming back to me more and more each day, which is a terrific feeling! I'm able to complete little goals and tasks here and there(accompanied by my little 5-day-old), and life feels like it's slowly settling into a little rhythm with our new family of six:) In the meantime, I'm so excited to announce another mama guest poster that's taking over for today! I feel like I've known Natalie forever (she's just one of those kindred spirits), and I'm honored to introduce you to her. Her blog is full to the brim with inspiration, so make sure you visit! Thanks again lady:) 
Hello! I'm Natalie and I'm visiting from my blog, The Busy Budgeting!
I was so excited when Emily asked me to be a guest on her
blog and share my favorite things about being a mama!

I have three kids. Sophia(5) Sienna(3) and Micah(almost1)
I'm married to my college sweetheart who is a youth minister.
I have my blog and recently launched a company called HAPPY MOMMY BOX.
Besides the fun stuff like being peed or thrown up on...
(those are given awesome perks of being a mom...)

My FAVORITE thing about being a mom is the chance to
see these little-BIG-personalities come to life!

I remember when sophia was little and my husband and I would be like
ooohh I can't wait for her to start talking and tell us EVERYTHING she's thinking!
There are moments we regret those missing the sweet
coos replaced by the fun little attitudes haha..but overall it's AMAZING being able
to have conversations with our little ones.
One of the hardest moments in my life was losing my best friend, a couple years ago, through an act of domestic violence. Every night the girls and I
would pray for my friend and over time I would overhear them having conversations
with each other about "Mommy's Angel"...and how joyful they thought heaven
was and how they wanted to be there one day. The way they spoke about her
gave me such peace and really helped heal my heart.
Because of their inspiration, I just wrote a Children's book
for grieving mothers, Mommy has an Angel.
Sometimes they say the funniest things!
Although not the most appropriate. ;)
Once we were leaving Qdoba..and buckling them in the car.
A very "fit" body building man with veryyyy short shorts walked by..
"Mom? Where's that guy's pants??" - awesome.
Or the classic.. "mom! she has baby in her tummy!" statement... (not so much.)

Right now my girls are really into Prince Charmings.
They were kinda upset with me there for a minute when Daddy told them
that he was MY prince charming and that they couldn't marry him.
so now they are on the hunt for their own that isn't taken.
heaven help us. We were in target and a high school boy walks
by and my sienna(3) goes "OOo he's a handsome prince.
I'm going to marry him."
I love seeing how excited they are about life.
And how they are able to see the beauty in everything!
We are in pittsburgh...and it started snowing this morning before school.
My Sophia and Sienna started smiling and squealing and
singing "Jesusss Jesuussssss!"... haha. which made me stop in the
middle of the chaotic rush for school routine...
and yes the snow falling really is so beautiful and heavenly looking!
Having kids makes you slow down and look at things with fresh eyes.

I have even loved the hard moments where I feel like I might lose my mind...
because I can feel my heart growing. I thought I was a patient person
before kids, but they have helped me to see that I can grow even
more in patience and kindness and humility.
I have learned to love the dried globb of puffs on my shoulder,
that I discover after a full day of running errands with it smeared on me....
it is my badge of motherhood. wear it proudly ladies! haha.
but then seriously clean it up once you notice it.
Are you a mama? What are your favorite things?
besides the fun jobs of cleaning up potty accidents
and eating lunch standing up(if at all)? ;)



  1. The praying picture, I can't get over it. Too cute!

  2. What a great post - her kids are adorable!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. That's so cute about the girls wanting to marry YOUR prince charming. :) My little boys said just today that they'd like to marry their daddy. Haha. There is just something magical about dads. :)

    I enjoyed reading these little moments and thinking about my own. Thanks, Natalie!