Monday, March 24

March '14 Mixed Tape

Hi everyone! As those of you that follow on instagram and twitter know I've been at my NPC (national physique committee) competition this past weekend, and so things were a little quite here on the blog! We had tons of fun and I'll post a little recap about our experience here soon, but I am excited to switch gears a bit and publish more of my regular fashion/food/hairstyles posts again with fitness becoming more of a regular topic as well, so I can answer all the many questions I've been getting lately! 
For today I wanted to share this month's mix tape considering that it's almost April:) So here is a little collection of some of my favorite 'energetic' songs as it were that have really strong and steady beats- perfect for all that Spring cleaning and for working out! Go get 'em.haha
Well I hope you enjoyed a new song or two. We're constantly listening to music in one form or another here and are always looking for more tunes so please share! I believe that it plays a huge role towards productivity in all my housework as well as my blog work and my exercising. 
Feel free to follow this link if you're curious to see the other mixes that I've put out on here in the past, have a great day, and thanks so much for visiting!
xo, Emily
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