Saturday, March 1

Hello March, lets be friends:)

So it's already the third month of the year can you believe it!? So much has been happening for us this year already, and we have so many plans for the rest of the year that are being fulfilled every day. I have whole notepads and pages full of lists of things I want to do and share and learn and blog, and I want you to be a part of it all! So today I'm sharing a little info about my advertising shop so those that have asked questions can have them answered, and those that have been thinking about advertising can be reminded:)
So if you look on my sponsor page you'll see a somewhat out of date list of stats and details for my blog because I've been pretty bad lately at keeping them up, and I didn't even update them for this post! haha Essentially though here is a little list of what I offer as far as advertising on The Freckled Fox:

  //  The XL ad is the spot at the top right that stays there for 30 straight days. it gets the most traffic (from the 600-700k viewers monthly) and exposure because of it's position and also includes a feature and optional solo giveaway post. Also they're invited to participate in the group sponsor giveaway if they'd like:) Because of those reasons it's also the most popular and I'm actually sold out for the next 4 months, until the end of June! Book your spot now to be featured during the summer, you'll be so glad you did! :)
  //  Right below the XL are the large ads, which show ten at a time and are rotated around with each page-load for maximum exposure. The large ads are also invited to participate in a group sponsored giveaway that happens once a month (here's the current sponsor giveaway) that brings a very large amount of traffic and exposure to each participant. Also they have the chance of being included in my weekly Friday Finds features as well as have posts shared on social media.
  //  Below that are the medium and then the small ads, which are also rotated within their size group with each page load, and which you can also buy in bulk and save big!
  //  In addition you can purchase an in-post banner ad which receives the most traffic because it's situated as the name implies at the bottom of every blog post and is seen by every pair of eyeballs that reads what the fox has to say:) There's also a giveaway feature you can purchase aside from the XL ad since I was getting requests for it almost daily and it seemed like a great idea!

Take a look here for more details or to book your spot. I'd love to be introduced to your blog or shop and in turn share you with my readers! They know that I'm very passionate about what I do and that they can trust me to share the very best with them:) If you're not familiar with the Passionfruit set-up, it's as easy as 1 2 3 to choose the size you want, hit "add to cart", then "proceed to checkout"! From there you'll fill out a bit of info, upload your own button of choice (if you need one let me know), and pay all right there. So fast and easy! Your ad will go up as soon as I approve and it'll stay there for 30 days no matter what day you purchased it:) Sounds great right?

Sorry for the novel for those of you who are old timers here on the blog, and for all those that have been inquiring I hope that I answered all your questions! One of my favorite things about blogging is the relationships that I've found and built through my connections, and I love meeting new bloggers and discovering new shops through sponsorship's! Every advertiser is precious and immensely appreciated, and I hope that you'll be next and that we can get to know each other better:) So what are you waiting for?! haha Again if you want to check out more info or would like to purchase a spot, click here, and then go have a awesome weekend already. haha
xoxo, Emily

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  1. mm sounds enticing!
    i will have to consider it for this month :)

  2. uhm! could you please remove the graphic? i've made it last year for my "march welcome post" and you are not allowed to take it without a permission!