Friday, February 28

Friday Finds #86

  This week I found...
1  // this diy for stamped napkins from the lovely emma of so fun!
2  // this tutorial for turning doilies into bowls from apartment therapy. So feminine and creative
3  // gluten free whole orange, chocolate, almond cake with orange cinnamon glaze. dead.
4  // this adorable pair of lace booties from anthro, of course:) ugh I want so baaaaad.
5  // this totally awesome replica of the katniss everdeen scarf from catching fire! yes. please:)
6  // this soft and simple anchor necklace from petitor on etsy. anchors are so symbolic for me lately.
7  // this whole shop is one big want, but in particular I'm loving those hand-dipped twig pencils
8  // this yummy veggie array waiting to be turned into a fab panini. click through for the recipe!
9  // this light and simple outfit that screamed 'anytime now spring!' as soon as I saw it.
10  // sour cherry jam.. need I say more? I can't wait for canning season to come:)
11  // this lovely deer print from prettymod on Etsy. I love the softness and simplicity of it.

What do you think of the look look for my Friday Finds? I've been trying to condense a little more here on the blog:) Let me know! Also I hope you're having a fun and free weekend, and that you come back here soon to visit a little more:) Take care my people,
xo, Em

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  1. The doily bowls… I must try to make some of those! Also, that jam looks delicious! Great finds!

  2. The doily bowls slay me! So pretty! I love knowing I can come you your blog to find beautifully presented beautiful things!

  3. That summer outfit is adorable - I want summer to come sooo badly. hehe

  4. The booties!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Oh my. It's always Anthro. Always. So cute! Hope you're doing great Emily! ;)


  5. Those bowls! I have to try that - so cute! Hope you have a great weekend Emily! xoxo

  6. Those doilies! Love it :)