Thursday, December 5

My #1 Pregnancy Essential - from a Mama x4

Afternoon guys! So to start off this little post I have to say two things, #1: This was the funnest time I've ever had taking pictures for a blog post (have you ever just slept for a photoshoot?:)) and #2: I do not name this post lightly.
In the four years that I have been pregnant and produced four kids, I've forged many strong opinions about products that help pregnant woman be less nauseous, more productive, less dizzy, more comfortable, etc so you can trust me when I say that out of all the things I would advise you to purchase upon seeing that little + symbol (or the little black letters saying 'pregnant'), is a Bump Nest pillow. Hands down.
Being pregnant is not easy (though some people make it look that way:)), it's actually really really uncomfortable and frequently painful. We know that it's going to all be worth it of course, and we make whatever sacrifices we need to in order to keep our little ones healthy and strong for nearly an entire year, but body cramps and pains caused from sleeplessness and insomnia are not sacrifices we have to make! For me, they've become a thing of the past since receiving my pillow from Bump Nest, and I couldn't be happier!
I've gone through many different types of body pillows during my pregnancies, and while they were all helpful and comfortable (if somewhat awkward and unnatural), none of them even really come close to this little puppy I've taken to calling 'my cloud'. No seriously, that's it's name:) I named it the day my Bump Nest pillow came in the mail. I opened it right then and there and rushed it into my bedroom to give it a try. I remember actually signing out loud like I was getting a massage, it felt so soft amazing, like sleeping on a cloud! It's unique crook shape runs along the curve of my back supporting it's arch, up over my shoulder and under my head at the perfect height, then down along my front to support my arm and shoulder and a heavy baby belly, and between my knees all the way to my feet. It keeps my hips and spine aligned, relieves pressure on my joints, and increases blood circulation so my limbs have stopped falling asleep and causing charlie horses in the middle of the night.haha 
You wanna know the best part? All those benefits aren't just for pregnant ladies! Martin tries to steal it all the time, and when I get up early or go to bed late, I find him all wrapped up and have to wrestle it away from him.haha Also now that Lydia's almost a month old(!) I still use it every day! Often times when I'm needing to write out a list or make a phone call I'll go to my room and nestle into the curve of my pillow. I even use it for feeding Lydia in bed and it's the perfect shape. It wraps all around my waist and I can snuggle her close. I take it on overnight trips because the prospect of having to sleep without it freaks me out, and to top it off it has snuggly zipper cases that are easily washable and cute to look at:)

I guess I could wrap up my ramblings here now by just saying again that for those many of you who have asked what my top pregnancy must-haves are, that this Bump Nest pillow is at the top of the list as #1, and you'll never ever regret buying one, pregnant or not! 
Thanks for reading today, 
xo, Emily

P.S. if you're convinced that you and or a friend need one of these pillows, use the code FRECKLEDTEN at checkout for $10 off and Free Shipping! Tis the season after all, and anyone you give this too will love you forever:)

Disclosure: though compensation was provided by the Bump Nest, all opinions stated in this post are those of the author. I only post reviews about products that I am passionate about and wish to share with you! Thank you for reading and supporting the brands that make The Freckled Fox possible:)


  1. I love, love, love, love, LOVE my Bump Nest pregnancy pillow!!!!! I won it in a giveaway from another blog and I feel like I hit the lottery. Not only is it super-comfy to sleep with/on/around, but the cover and pillow itself is completely machine washable. SCORE! Husband calls the longer side (that I either tuck against my back or under my belly for support) a "gate" that I open and close when getting out of bed. HAHAHA

    1. haha That's hilarious because that's exactly what it feels like! I feel like I should make a hinge noise, like i'm raising a draw bridge when I get out of bed.haha Love it!

  2. I love my pregnancy pillow. :) It's not a Bump Nest, but it sure is comfy. I haven't been able to bring myself to use it much this pregnancy though because it takes up so much space. I think my pregnancy essential for next time might have to be a king-sized bed, haha. ;)

  3. I just had my second in August and spent many a night strategically wedging pillows around my body trying to get comfortable! I've heard a lot of good things about this pillow and when it's time for baby number three I think you just ave me the final push I needed to get one for myself!

  4. Okay, I kind of wish I was pregnant just so I could get one of these pillows! What a great idea. Thanks for the tip. I'll be contacting you for endless advice once I really do get preggo!
    Your new baby is darling. Xoxo

  5. I'm not pregnant but have back problems and often wake up in pain so I am seriously considering getting this for myself!

  6. I would have loved one of these when I was pregnant. Looks like I'll need to buy one for round two!

  7. You're such a lovely woman <3 <3 <3

  8. Hello Emily,
    This would have been amazing for my first! Since I'm still convinced I'm having seven babies, this is probably worth investing in. Do you have any idea if I were to contact this company and write a post for them, I could get a discount on the Bump Nest? My blog has been receiving several hundred views daily even though I do not have many followers currently. What would you suggest?

    P.S. You are simply beautiful. Your hair, skin, and makeup are just lovely!

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