Thursday, December 19

Holiday Hair Week: Side-Swept Curls

Here we are and it's Thursday! As you can tell from the photo below that if your goal is to look like a deer in headlights, than look no further than this hair tutorial.haha In all seriousness though, just avoid my funky eyes if you must and appreciate the classic-ness of this side-swept style! :)
I love that the simple act of pulling all your hair to one side and adding a little braid can add so much more drama to your whole look than just having s head full of curls. It's really the simpliest thing in the world, which is funny that I only think to use it on special occasions like special birthday dinners or parties, but I guess that says something about how perfect it is for the holidays! Lets get to the tutorial already:)
curling wand or iron
- bobby pins
- teasing comb
- hair spray

Step 1: Start by choosing a dramatic side part. Pointing your iron or wand downwards you're going to curl your whole head from bottom to top in large sections for loose ribbon curls. Alternate directions of your iron for irregularity. When you get to the top curls, you're going to curl both of the front curls towards your face for a more tucked in look. Loosen up the curls a bit with your fingers.
Step 2: Tease your hair on the bigger side of your part in several areas to create high volume, leaving the smaller side of the part to lay flatter. Once you've finished teasing, comb the top over to smooth any visible teasing and to combine the curls for a more natural, effortless look. Sling all your hair loosely over your shoulder, and spray with hairspray. 
Step 3: At this point add a little french braiding action on the smaller side of your part to make it even tighter by starting at the part and working around to the back middle of your scalp. Pin it in place, and you have a tighter transition! Spray for hold, and you're ready to roll. 
Well that's about it folks, and remember that if you haven't already done this style and give it a try that I'd love to hear feedback, or if you've been doing it for ages than you can still leave feedback.haha I hpe you've been having fun seeing a few more styles this week, because I've been having posting them!
Take care today, and you're having a bit of a rough time than just think about the weekend that's almost here!
xo, Emily
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  1. With all these hair tutorials, you're making it hard for me to decide what one to wear for Christmas! -Hanna Lei

  2. Love the curls!


  3. Okay, maybe I'm slow and not as observant as I thought I was- but are your eyes two different colors?

  4. Hey! I LOVE all of your tutorials SO much! You have a natural gift! I was wondering if you could do one on Jaimie Alexander's hair at the SAG Awards? I can't figure that one out! Thanks!

  5. Emily, my hair is very long (until my waist) too and sometime I am afraid to use iron because I think that can damage my hair. Which hair product is good for protect the hair from the heat?
    Thank You

  6. I love how you say the deer in headlights look. I was just thinking about how much I loved your eye makeup! You should definitely think about doing some makeup posts. They would be a huge hit on your blog. I'd love a smokey eye tutorial.

  7. Love this hair! I wish my hair would grow longer already so I can try out all of these gorgeous hair styles you do on your blog! I have to say that i think your eyes are gorgeous!!