Friday, December 20

Holiday Hair Week: The Low Knotted Bun

Happy weekend guys:) We're almost through the week of tutorials and I'm kinda sad! Not that switching things up isn't nice though... and I suppose I can just keep posting hair tutorials whenever the heck I feel like it right? haha Here's another elegant yet simple little 'do', the second to last in this holiday series! enjoy:

This style would also be a good one for you to clip a bow in right on top of the cluster of knots, or you could also tie a ribbon around the whole thing for an extra feminine twist. Also a fun side note:  we were running out of the house for a last minute date a bit ago and I did this style in the car with slightly wet hair, and when I took it out the next day I had pretty fantastic waves! So if you have somtehing going on two days in a row you may wanna keep that in mind:)  
- teasing comb
- two hair-ties
- several bobby pins
- curling iron optional


Step 1: Start by smoothing your hair away from either side of a side part, and if you don't have bangs you'll swing the wider section over to your ear in a deep swag:) Separate it into two sections at the nape of your neck. Starting with whichever side you want, divide your section into two with a virtical line and start tying it into knots! 
Step 2: One right after the other till you get to the bottom, and tie off with a hair-tie. Repeat the same steps with your other side. Lifting one of your knotted 'braids' up, bring the end of your other one up and pin the end under the one you're lifting. 
Step 3: Now take the second one and swoop it over and tuck the end under it's oposite! Does that all make sense? Tug the hair out a bit from your crown for a little more lift, spray all over, and you're good to go! Gorgeous:)

Well that's all she wrote for today. I'm so excited for this weekend both on the blog and off, because there are so many great things coming. I'm so pumped! You guys are such a support and encouragement to me on a daily basis. I hope you know that! Anyway's have a great rest of your Friday, and weekend ahead!
xo, Emily

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  1. I love the hairstyle! I love your jewelry in this post just as much too!

  2. Gorgeous! Just gorgeous!

  3. I love this! Your hair also looks extra red in these pictures. Gorgeous.

  4. This looks amazing!! So beautiful and I'd love to try it, but I'm totally not following Steps 2 and 3 though ... I'm confused which side I'm pinning where!

  5. This is so adorable and looks pretty easy! I'll have to try it. :)

    a Classy State of Grace

  6. Love it! Would like to see the back though, and getting a bit confused at the end of step 2...

  7. Gorgeous! Look pretty easy. Let me see if I can do it :D

  8. LOVE all of these hair tutorials! After Christmas you should do some more for new years! :) I've loved seeing them every day this week and trying them out(I need to practice a bit more though)!

    Thanks again!

  9. I am defo going to try this tonight :)

  10. You did this. In the car. -_- I can barely braid my hair LOOKING at it. And you did THIS. In the CAR. Madam, you are a better woman than I am! <3 I am also stealing ALL of your ideas. *practice practice practice*

    1. I can never do some of the stuff she does, and I do a lot of hairstyles!!