Friday, December 13

Friday Finds #83 - Christmas Edition

This week I found...

...this hugely sparkly and nude outfit from polyvore. I don't really have any parties I'll be going to this Christmas, but for some reason I'm really into gold and sparkles this season so if I was, I'd wear somethin kinda like this!
great holiday outfit minus the heels.  a little more classic nude heel would be best:)

...this amazing profile on pinterest, by pinterest, which has like 150 different boards with gift ideas separated by type of person! this particular pin is in the board 'gifts for my cat loving sister'.haha so cute! Life savor. 
Paul & Joe cat style. Cute

...this recipe. love peppermint in December!
Peppermint crumble bars recipe, such a fun idea for Christmas dessert!

...this cute batch of free printable gift tags. Guess who hasn't wrapped a single present yet and would love some cute tags to help her out? *thumbs at chest* This Girl!
free printable gift tags

...this fun little rule for christmas. We've been doing this ever since we got married, and even though we give a little more than just four gifts, following the guidlines makes me feel like we're giving well-rounded gifts:) haha
Great rule for Christmas!!! And good way to keep # of gifts in check!

...this awesome and delicious idea for a hot chocolate bar. perfect for... every single night!
Hot Chocolate Bar. How cute for a Christmas Party!

...this batch of nanaimo bars! my friend Tara made these last week and I had them for the first time. I guess they're like all over Canada or something? either way I'm pretty sad I've not tasted them before, but super happy that Tara introduced me to them! So delish!
... nanaimo bars ...- I miss these. Remind me of home....

...this. Can we just admire how they managed to make such a bare and pathetic tree look so majestic and amazing? I think I'm in love, and will from now on search out the worst trees I can find.
Natural Christmas tree Natural #ChristmasTree

...this gift idea. Again with the hot chocolate I know, but I just can't get enough, and I love this idea for a last minute gift for neighbors or friends, so cute! 
Cocoa Mix Gift

...this cute last minute idea for making the most of santa's visit for your kids. flour footprints! kids would go nuts.
"Santa footprints" = Put a shoe down and sprinkle some powdered sugar around it... So fun! 

...mmm this recipe for simple peppermint crunch bark. a favorite tradition of ours! this version looks yummy too
Double-Peppermint-Crunch-Bark Recipe - #Chocolate #Christmas #Dessert #Holidays #Mint #Refreshing #Tasty

I can't believe that Christmas is 11 days away! I've set so many ridiculous goals for myself, and while I'm proud of what we've accomplished, there's not much time left to get everything done this year that we're hoping too, so wish us luck! 
Have a great day my friendliest friendlies, and I'll see you back tomorrow! maybe? :)
xo, Emily
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  1. I am always amazed by the free printable gift tags people share online! I love it! :)

  2. I always love this list! I want a hot chocolate bar now :)!


  3. I love the outift, the cat things, and the idea for the children's presents! You always have such thoughtful blog posts. Keep up the good work!

  4. The footprint idea is cute. :) I definitely want to give books as gifts each Christmas. Birthdays, too! I love the books I have from growing up that are inscribed by the giver.

    The "pathetic" tree looks like Christmas trees I've seen in Russia, brought from the forest. I even looked it up because I was wondering if it's a grooming thing, and I found out there is definitely a sparse type native to Europe/Russia, called the Nordmann fir! :)

  5. I love gold and silver things so that outfit is gorgeous! All of those cat gifts definitely belong in my life!

  6. My parents did the Santa footprints for me!!! I loved it!!

  7. Thanks for linking my Nanaimo Bars! And yes, they're almost considered to be like Canada's national dessert from what my research showed, but I'm a San Diegan not a Canadian so not for sure :)

  8. I don't know if my last comment went thru or not, but thanks for linking my Nanaimo Bars! :)