Monday, November 18

So yeah, I'm in a Book!

Hey dears, today has been a good start to the week here at home, and here on the blog I get to start the week of by announcing the release tomorrow of a brand new hairstyle book that I have the honor of being featured in! 
My friend Christina, the beautiful and amazing author of Hair Romance has written several fantastic ebooks in the past, like her 30 Hairstyles in 30 Days ebook, but this is her first print book that you can buy off a shelf, and I was so honored to be asked to contribute some of my hairstyles! For my friends in the UK or Asia, you can find the book under the title The Hairstyle Directory, but everywhere else it'll be called Buns, Braids and Twists.
The book features nearly 200 pages with tutorials for 80 beautiful hairstyles from Christina of course and several other talented contributors, and is available now for pre-order online through Amazon(also the kindle version), Chronicle Books, and WHSmith. Visit these links to read more details about the book itself and order a few copies to give away for Christmas! heehee
Thanks for visiting today and reading about my little proud moment, and be sure to visit Christina and offer her your congratulations! I'm so excited and happy for her!
Take care my beautiful friends,
xo, Emmy
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  1. That is so exciting! Congratulations!

  2. Conngratulation Emily. You are very talent. You deserve that and more. Blessings for all the work that you do. You can do your own book too. You have wonderful ideas and tips to improve the beauty that is inside everyone.
    I love all the braids and buns that do. I try to do but I have to practice more. Where we can buy the book?

  3. Nice, this is awesome! Good for you, girl!


  4. So excited about this, and so glad they picked your photo for the cover too! xx

  5. Super cool, what an amazing opportunity!!

  6. That is so awesome! Congratulations!

  7. Hey I'm in there too! I didn't even know they had picked my pictures or that it had been released! What thuuu!!! So awesome, way to go Christina. We hair girls gotta stick together, so happy for you. And seriously, when is your book coming out Emily?!

  8. well done Em! I've always re-read your hair tutorials when I need inspiration, so it's no wonder you made it into this fab book! *buying as we speak*!

  9. Wuaaaaaa!!!!! Congrats this are great news!!!!!!!!!

    Greets from the EDELFABRIK