Thursday, October 17

I Take Photos - Baby Hudson

Hey guys:) Nope! This isn't my baby, and no she's not hear yet.haha Keep those fingers crossed! These are just a few pictures from a Newborn Photography session I did recently, and as I was looking over them I realized that its been several months since I shared photos from my 'official' photography. Also I thought that maybe I could spread a bit of this crazy baby fever I've been having.haha  
Such a sweet boy. I should probably stress that shooting newborns when you're pregnant is Not a good idea! Or maybe it is...? haha What with my being almost the full 40 weeks with this little lady you should be on the lookout for baby Meyers #4 pictures really soon:) I can't wait to see her, and share her with you!

Have a great evening guys, and weekend ahead.
xo, Emmy
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