Friday, October 18

Friday Finds #79 - Halloween Edition

Hey guys! Before we get started with my Halloween finds from the past week, I have two Giveaway Winners to announce! Firstly, the winner of the Kindle Fire HD giveaway  from my sponsors is: Roxy M! And the winner of the Cool Water Gem's shop credit goes to Ashley H! Congratulations, and check your emails ladies!

This week I found...
...this Shirley Temple Halloween promo for starters. Isn't it great? :) 
vintage halloween publicity shot

...this recipe for caramel apple pull apart bread. mmm!
Caramel Apple Pull Apart Bread (Can make with peaches instead, just sub 3-4 small peaches for the apple)

...this jack skellington nail mani. I'm not huge on painting my fingers but it would be really cute for toes I think! If i could reach mine right now.haha
Skellington nails! Great for Halloween! :) #jack #skellington #nail #nails #nailart #spooky #scary #fun #halloween #great #halloweenideas #g_michael_salon #indianapolis

...this pinterest board that I stumbled across with lots and lots of halloween makeup ideas
Halloween makeup

...this neat idea for making a huge pumpkin cake for your Halloween party! May try it this year
pumpkin cake from two bundt cakes assembly

...this set of super creepy and neat cheesecloth spirits from Super eassy too!
How to make cheesecloth spirits for Halloween ~ via Martha Stewart. Click on the picture and then scroll down the page to find directions.

...this idea for freezing a surgical glove full of water as the ice-cube for your punch bowl. Neato huh? 
Freeze water in a surgical hand glove to make a creepy ice cube for the punch at Halloween party.

...this neat post from iheartnaptime where she shares a bunch of Halloween DIY's she's collected
55+ AMAZING Halloween crafts

...this more 'poe' inspired vintage halloween decor. How we like to do things! 
Poe-inspired vignette - lots of fun individual ideas incorporated.  Bethany Lowe Designs via shellybdecorandmore blog

...maybe I just have a thing for tiny puumpkins, but these guys are so cute to me

...this cute idea for a simple chocolate and white layered cake with simple ghosts on top! super cute

How are your Halloween/Fall decorations coming along? Do you feel in the spirit of the Holiday yet? Do you celebrate Halloween? I'm just curious:) We aren't going as 'all out' this year as we have in the past because the impending baby birth is taking up a lot of our focus, and rightly so:) Anyway's, I'd love to live vicariously through you guys! haha
Have a great day, and I'll see you again soon:)
xo, Em
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  1. Woah, those cheese cloths are CREEPY!
    Great post. I love Friday's with you!

    xo fal •

  2. How cute it that pumpkin cake????


  3. omg I love that pumkin cake :)

    come check out my latest post,

  4. If I had any patience at all for painting my nails, I would def tackle that Jack Skellington painting in a second. Love that vintage Halloween decor!

    - April

  5. Have you made that pull apart bread??! That looks delicious and a fabulous idea for family dinner this week!!

  6. Thank you Emily for post the halloween ideas. I love the pumpking cake. And the eyes shadow design is pretty awesome.

  7. I came down with the flu and only have 3 days til my Halloween party, meaning 2 days left to decorate, and I haven't even gone shopping. I started decorating last month, but then our truck broke down so we haven't been able to go pick up the main stuff I need. Gah! I hope I can go today. It wouldn't be Halloween without decorations, candy, and pumpkins!