Thursday, September 26

On a day like today

-Some days I wake up to at least a load of dirty dishes that are left-over from last night because I was just too dang tired to finish them before falling asleep,
-Some days its 40 degrees outside and I just want to stay inside with some hot chocolate, but I know that I have groceries to buy so start thinking about where all the kids coats are, and if John even has one,
-Some days I realize I could have a new baby in two weeks and I have loads of things waiting to be sewn for her piled up on my sewing table that aren't finished or even started yet,
-Some days all I can see around the house is what's out of order, and so I make grand plans for cleaning the entire house after our little grocery run,
-Some days my hair is a birds nest of frizz and tangles so I put it up in a messy bun to hide it away,
-Some days I really want adult company, and at the same time want to be all alone,
-Some days there are 4-6 loads of dirty laundry stacked by the washer waiting for me,
-Some day's we're completely out of bread in the house (heaven forbid) on the days when I Really just want some hot toast and a mug of tea,
-Some day's I'm so behind on emails and messages that I start drafting a blog post about how I'm going to conquer them (because that's how we make commitments:)),
-Some day's I hear the smoke alarm beeping at me to change it's batteries, but I'm too big and pregnant to get up on a chair, so on it beeps:)
-Some days nothing seems to be fitting right except for my yoga pants and a big t-shirt,
And some days (days like today) all those things happen at once, so I write them out in a blog post, then go on to find the coats, buy the groceries, clean the dishes and laundry, make the bread, maybe sew a little, and tell you how I'll be back again tomorrow with a 'real' blog post:)

Have a great day wherever and in whatever temperature you're in! 
xo, Emily
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  1. sometimes, days like this end up being the best kind of days. thinking of you today, emily ;)

  2. that is what being a great mom is all about!

  3. Love !

  4. I have soooooo many things to sew for our baby that I haven't even started yet. I've been too busy working on orders for other people. I need to get on it!

  5. Hang in there, girlfriend!

  6. Some days I just want to go back to bed... But I get up anyways and get everything done!


  7. hoping you have a better tomorrow.. those days are hard enough and then to be pregnant too.

  8. Somedays you just need to relax and not think about your piling to-do list. :) Everyone deserves a break once in awhile.

  9. this is the best post ever. one pregnant girl to the next, I totally hear ya lady!

  10. I love this post! I have more days like yours than days where I feel that I have everything together. Your accepting attitude about it and your get-it-done philosophy make me feel like my own dishes, laundry and undone chores are also less daunting. Brava!

  11. When you have big family like yours ... You will see dirty dishes and messy house all the time ... You need your own time from time to time, no? :)