Sunday, August 18

Summers End Hair Week: The Waterfall Ponytail

Hope you are having a relaxing Sunday friends! I've really loved adding all these new hair tutorials this week, and I hope you've gotten a new one or two you're excited to try out. Maybe its just because I've had long hair forever, but I always end up feeling so refreshed almost when I successfully do a new hairstyle. Something about getting out of a hair rut really contributes to a better mood. Here's today's!
For the last style I had to go with the theme this past week of quick, easy, translates from day to night, and most of all looks like you spent more time then you actually did, because when Fall comes around no matter who we are, I feel like we all have a shortage of extra time all the sudden! 
I think this style is a little girly and fun, and would look great with your favorite nerd glasses and flats, but also with that great mini and heels. And for the record, it will even last through the night when you konk out unexpectedly after a long day.haha So lets get started with the tutorial already!

- brush
- favorite curling iron
- hair-tie

- bobby pins
- hairspray


Step 1: Begin by brushing your hair smooth, then quickly curl the bottom 6-8 inches of your hair in 3 inch wide sections(Hint: alternate between pointing your iron upwards and downwards for variation in your curls:)). Fluff your scalp with your fingertips to loosen the curls, and spritz with hairspray. 
Step 2: Pull all your hair up into a high ponytail and secure tightly with a hair-tie, pulling your fringe or bangs out if desired. Tug your hair out from the ponytail a bit to create volume on top, then separate the hair right above the ponytail base and create a gap about an inch wide and an inch or two deep. 
Step 3: Next you're going to just start with the hair-tie and start pushing your ponytail into the gap head first:) Only push about half of the ponytail in however, make sure you're leaving out 6 or so inches of curly hair. Tug the hair on your scalp out again for more volume, and fluff the remaining hair from your ponytail up and around the ponytail base and pin it in place a bit. Spray for hold, and you're done!
I hope you like this twist on the old regular ponytail, and thank you so much for following along this week with my Summer's End Hair Series! Remember that if you have any requests for tutorials I get them all the time via email or comment or Facebook message, and always I love to hear your thoughts! So have a great day, and I'll see you back tomorrow for something exciting that's a little overdue:)
xo, Emily
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  1. you are soooooooooooooooo pretty!!!:))

  2. This is so pretty :)

  3. Another amazing design ... I should finally get myself a curling iron to try some of your designs I've already bookmarked : ))

  4. Oh, this is so easy and pretty! I knew how to do it with a twist (almost like the French twist but without tucking in the hair tips). I think I like this better!

    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

  5. Sounds easy enough and looks really pretty! :)

    - Toria

  6. Super cute! I would love to see you do eye makeup tutorials. Especially this one, they always rock!

  7. Love it! Would like to see you do some eye makeup tutorials (especially this one) they always look so good