Monday, August 5

Hop till you Drop

Hey everyone, and happy Monday! Things have been a little quieter this last week (mostly meaning that I missed one extra day of blogging then i'd had planned.haha) but I am so overwhelmed with ideas and things that I need to be writing about and posting, and I am just thrilled by how the Summer has gone and what's up ahead. So overly excited.
I certainly have BlogHer (I know, I know:)) to thank for a few specific things that I've been propelled forward in motivation wise, and as I've been looking through notes and business cards this past week and making lists, I really decided that as much as the classes were great I really value the all the people I met and the friends I made most of all. Blogging is as full of friends or as solitary as we make it, and because like-minded people are a little tricky to find sometimes, I decided to do something today that I've never done before and that's to participate in a Blog Hop! I'm just in a match-making mood I guess:) So I decided to co-host this hop from my friend Breanna from My Beautiful Crazy Life to bring you this opportunity to meet new bloggers, and maybe make some new friends too! Here are the other co-hosts:
+Frankly the only rule I care much about is to visit at least 2 or 3 other links and follow them :) we want you guys to connect and make some friends that you might not have found otherwise.
+It's an added bonus if you care to follow the host and co-hosts, because we want to be your friend too!
+If you feel like it please do share the button below on your page so others can join in the fun too! 
Grab a button to share the hop and let your friends get in on all the hopping!:) Also Breanna is always looking for future co-hosts for the hop, so if you're intersted just shoot her an emailHope you have fun!
xo, Em

P.S. The Freckled Fox has a brand new Facebook page! So if you're a previous FB follower or would simply like to connect that way, please feel free to click the 'Like' button below! xoxo
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  1. I love this idea! I've blogged before under a different URL but decided to completely begin a new blog with new content, and although followers and readers aren't everything, it's always lovely to know that there are people who are interested in a part of your life and what you have to say. I'll take a look at a few of these blogs! xxx

  2. I'm trying to share the button but it won't show the image!!! What am I doing wrong!? I want to share with my readers!!! This is a great idea!!!


  3. I love this! I found a whole bunch of new blogs/facebooks to follow! This is so much easier than scouring the internet :p Thanks!

    xo Becky
    Seductive Mania

  4. This is a great idea! I look forward to discovering new great blogs for me to read! :)

    Rowdy Fairy