Wednesday, July 17

Summertime Ad Space Sale!

Hey everyone! Summertime is the perfect time to take advantage of boosting your business or blog during such an inspirational time of year! Last month, page-views doubled what they were in May, and this month is well on its way to doubling June already! Its never been a better time to work together to promote your blog or business with new all the thousands of new faces stopping by The Freckled Fox every day, and all the new perks and bonuses that are coming to each ad space!If you want to purchase three or more months there is an even cheaper option, so shoot me an email!
Sponsoring The Freckled Fox is a great way to promote your blog or business to hundreds of thousands of readers who love fashion, beauty, photography, creating, cooking, and shoes! To take a look at my statistics and sponsor info or to email me, just check out my sponsor page here. Be sure to hurry and snatch one up for yourself, because this big a discount has never been offered before and it will only last a little longer!

Have a great Wednesday you guys, and see you tomorrow!
xo, Emily
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  1. This is so unrelated, but I love red pants! Haha! Have a great summer! :)


  2. Nice post..I wanna to see designer footwear from this store!