Friday, July 5

Friday Finds #69

Hope you had an awesome holiday yesterday! we really just took it easy while filling it to the brim with family, food, and fun. oh and some loud fireworks:)
This week I found...

...this outfit from polyvore, and where I'm not sure how much I love the shoes, I really want a skirt like that to belt over my lil' bump. nice and flowy too!
love navy and white

...this amazingly organized sewing room. I've been working on mine lately and this is just extra motivation!

...this yummy recipe for peach pie muffins. I'm so into peaches right now its not even funny
Peach Pie Muffins

...this pair of Aspiga Luna leather sandals. look so simple and comfy!
Aspiga Luna leather sandals.

...this very true saying which I think applies to everyone and just about everything!
FITNESS THROUGH AEROBICS - Women are said to be more inclined to dancing than men. Dancing in its sense is already a form of exercise as your body move...

...this recipe for strawberry pecan fudge. mmmmmm
Strawberry Pecan Fudge

...this cute idea for using school lockers as shelving or organizers in kids rooms. Where can I get some!?

...this totally yummy looking and sounding recipe for blueberry lemon muffin bread. wanna make this!
Blueberry Lemon Muffin Bread

...this layery outfit that is totally not summery at all, but has made me realize that this year will be the first Fall/Winter that I'm not largely pregnant in three years, and I'm so excited for for how I can dress!! okay back to Summer:)
cozy cute outfit.

...this set of dream catcher nails that I love for spring. cute idea!
The Drugstore Princess

...this awesome looking honey mustard pretzel chicken. and I'll call it a day!
Honey Mustard Pretzel Chicken

What are some things inspiring you this week? I am bursting at the seams lately with ideas and goals. I love life!
xo, Em
P.S. Google Reader (GFC) is basically gone bye bye, so if you wanna keep up don't forget to... 
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  1. Hi:) I really don't want to sound rude, if it does sound rude I'm so sorry.. but I found a spelling error:3 'oh and some loude fireworks' the 'e' at the end of loud. I love your blog.. I'm sorry if that was rude though..

    1. not rude at all jessica! in fact, I appreciate it because sometimes I just write so quickly and my hands go nuts on the keyboard, and I never even notice a little spelling error here and there before I publish, so thank you!


  2. I love the shoes in the polyvore set. Hanna Marie

    1. I'm with you Hanna, I love the style, I guess I should have said 'on myself', because every time I've tried on flats with the ankle band I feel like they make me look so short! haha I love heels with it though, and maybe it looks better than I think.

  3. I absolutely love the first outfit- so classy! The skirt is just fabulous, I want one! :)

  4. The chicken looks SO delic and that muffin bread too ! I also NEED those sandals! great round up !

  5. The locker idea is so cute and practical. You need some room for it though.. I bet you could find some online for cheap

    xo Ashley

  6. LOVE all of these so so so much! I am inspired and now I am in the mood to go shopping. I think it would be awesome if you hosted a link up party for Friday finds (or maybe one exists already?) I just am so inspired by your cute finds and now I am ready to go put together my own.

  7. I love that entire outfit first pictured and those sandals with the gems and the leather around the toe! So stinkin' cute!!