Saturday, June 29

Weekend Wrap-up

This Week: went by pretty fast! We started it out with a bunch of family (mostly kiddies) staying with us, and had all sorts of adventures while they were here! A couple of us had colds during the week and we're not quite over them, but I see the light:) in addition I had a bad foodie experiment that turned out great, we built and set in the tomato cages, had a couple water wars with the girls (we won), martin and I finally had a date night, I received a few amazing packages (which I am so so excited about!) I made a few really important personal and family scheduling goals, ate lots of pb&j sandwiches, installed my brand spankin' new amazing all-in-one printer from Staples, swooned over some teeny baby girl things, ate my first ice cream cone of the Summer, shelled a ton of peas, and had an over-all pretty good week!:) 
Weekly Snapshots: cute little stair-step babies, lots of work for a small but tasty result, Ellie inspecting our tomato handy-work, rows of baby blues and pinks just waiting to be sewn into baby goodies, savoring my vanilla cone, a tasty date night dinner.
Goals for the week:
- finish my schedule plan
- take the kids to the park lunches
- finish my 'project sewing room' organization project
- have a really fun holiday
- trim Sophie's hair once and for all
- work out my blogher plans better

A Few Facts:
  • I've really had a thing for english muffins lately. toasted. with butter or jam.haha
  • every time I listen to lana del ray I think of Summer, and lots of other good things:)
  • I'm really hoping that we can get to Man of Steel this next week, everyone says its so good!
Are you doing anything fun this week for the 4th or have special plans? I'd love to hear about them!
xo, Emily 
P.S. Remember that Google Reader is going R.I.P. really soon, so don't forget to...
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  1. Aw man, you're going to blogher too? I really wish I was going this year!!!


  2. Can't wait to see what you do with your sewing room! Hanna Lei

  3. Your blog is just the cutest. Momma of 3 and one on the way!!?? How do you do it! :)

  4. I bet your sewing room is going to be amazing!