Monday, June 3

Maternity Style // Feathers and Arrowheads

And its a new week! I decided when I was doing John's maternity series that I'd probably do a similar form of the same series for any other kids we had because it was such a neat experience, and so here I am today startin one for this little peanut! err, I mean melon:) 
I started John's a little later than I'd wanted because we were busy doing big renovations on our new/old house, but this time around I'm starting later because I've taken quite a bit longer to show. I figure since I'm at the halfway mark that its time to get going! Besides, I'm proud of the lil' bump I've got:)
 What I Wore: hat - target, chevron earrings - stephan & co(nordstrom), necklace - thrifted, feather shirt - heart&soul, arrowhead ring - c/o moorea seal , jeans - l.e.i., black wedges - dollhouse 

Last time the focus was only on documenting my growing bump with letters to the baby about how things were going, but this time in the middle of pregnancy #4 I still want to write little notes while also putting emphasis on dressing the bump from week to week. 
Like a lot of your I'm sure, I've never been a huge fan of Maternity clothing, (buying or wearing) and so I would love to carry on my tradition of wearing 90% non-maternity clothing this time around(only when its cute and cheap), but in addition to throw in new and old, mixing vintages and being adventurous. I think that so many styles today make it incredibly easy to look and feel beautiful and trendy while still growing, and I'm excited to share my journey of my growing bump with you. 
Wearing clothing has always been fun, and there's no reason that should stop when you get pregnant. Being pregnant and feeling good about yourself can be tricky for sure, but I'm hoping to inspire other pregnant mamas or future mothers out there to embrace their new-found curves, the pregnancy glow, and that beautiful little bump. I feel that I've made leaps and bounds in what works best with my body while I'm pregnant, and how I can feel great while still looking good, and I'm excited to (as usual) share in my experiences with you from week to week!

Thanks for stoppin by today, and feel free to ask any (polite:)) questions you may have! See you all tomorrow, and have a great Monday!
xo, Em

P.S. just FYI, I'll be calling all my outfit posts through the end of my pregnancy 'Maternity Style' instead of 'What I Wore', to better differentiate for the ladies out there looking specifically to dress their bump:)
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  1. adorable and you are super gorgeous by the way!

    XO Meghan

  2. You look fantastic. Really like the ring. Hanna

  3. superschönes outfit - das t-shirt ist der hammer!

    Liebe Grüße
    Nina von Pearlsheaven

    PS: Hast du schon bei meinem Gewinnspiel mitgemacht?

  4. You are gorgeous!! And your lil bump is cute!!

  5. That hat is the perfect touch and I ADORE your hair! So jelly!

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous <3

  7. Hello my dezar!
    You re so beautiful!
    So nice look!
    and amazing hair!

  8. I love your whole outfit! You style your bump so well!

  9. You look amazing! And your note is so precious :)

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  10. I think this series is something great to look back on and HELLO mama! I hope I look like you when I'm 6 months along. You look great!

  11. Adorable!! I absolutely love your hair-do! So gorgeous.

  12. Gorgeous Mother you should write that :) Can't believe you are on the 6th Month! Time passes so quickly!

    Sofia G

  13. I love this outfit. You definitely styled your bump well - I can't even tell you have one!!

  14. This is so sweet. I dont have any babies, but that is the most amazing shirt I have ever seen. Seriously.

  15. jeebus you are smaller at 20wks than I am at 10! /cries in corner :(

  16. Ok, I love your hair! You are honestly one of the cutest bloggers! All I hope is to see you on TV or a magazine one day! You are absolutely gorgeous!