Monday, March 18

Spring Fun Checklist

Well, its almost the first day of Vernal Equinox, or as we more commonly call it: Spring! Little tidbit of info, the term 'equinox' is from the Latin words meaning 'equal night', because in the spring the days and nights are approximately equal! But enough of that:) Since the first day of Spring this year (and every year) happens to be my oldest babies birthday(!), and because I'm just in a big freaking hurry to get the fun started, I'm bring this season's Activities Checklist a couple days early!
And there she is! I'm always adding more as I go, but I hope that getting this on the blog today has inspired you to use this one or create one of your own! Last year I decided to make a list of Fall Activities that we always think 'oh yeah, of course I'll get around to doing that', but then forget to do because it seems so obvious! You've been there right? After making the list in the Fall, and then again in the Winter though, we really did get around to doing just about everything done, and it made for extra  fulfilling seasons. So, I"m excited to hear what you think, and to hear of any fun additions you may have! 

Feel free to pin for later, print off now, or both:) Have a terrific weekend, and see you tomorrow dearies!
xoxo, Emily
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  1. "Clean up the yard" - this is going to be my Everest this year! Our neighborhood has some really strict yard requirements and our poor deck may not meet muster this year. Eek!

    But other than the deck, I am SO excited for spring - particularly getting outside and breaking out of cabin fever. Our little fella is very very excited about getting his first bike this year.

  2. I am SO excited for spring! Great list!

  3. i want to do all of those things too!!! ;)

  4. I love everything on this list. I can't forget how many times I say we should do something and then totally forget. This is such a good and easy idea to do.

  5. I love this list, it's so cute *-*
    Would like to do something too!

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  6. Great checklist!!! I need to do one but it will be a winter checklist! :)

  7. brilliant idea, yes u have inspired me to do one too xx (Autumn in Australia)

  8. Cool ways for spring indeed! Woot! :)

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  9. Oh my goodness! I need to borrow this little idea from you if you don't mind! I love this!

  10. Thats a pretty good list, even for those without kids!