Monday, March 25

Easter Collected: 8 Egg Dying Tecniques

With the weather being so bipolar around here (outside in shorts playing in the sun one day, to fires in the wood-stove and hot chocolate the next), its hard to find much signs of spring around here. We're looking forward to bringing as much of spring to this house in the next week as possible, however, and one thing I've been doing this week to kick us off is collecting different ideas for egg dying! Since I know a lot of you will be doing the same this week I thought I might as well share a few of my favorites with you today! Here's what I found:

This tutorial for dying using fruits and veggies, and i love the light pastel color!

These are very nontraditional and I think that's why I love them? Covered in craft floss!

this fun idea (without a tutorial:( ) that I came across on pinterest, for just some painting!
DIY: Creative Easter Egg Dying
another lost link (tumblr), but you flatten the flowers and use pantyhose to secure while dying!
Natural Easter egg dying - must try!

these fun neon dip-dyed eggs give a really light and easy feeling

here's another tutorial for egg dye using natural dyes, from natural things!

this is a fun idea not using any die at all but colorful tapes! this could be awesome with washi don't you think?
No-Dye Eggs: Striped Tape  from #easter

These very vibrant egg colors are created using strong dye baths in glass containers
seven colored eggs on a plate

What do you think, looks like a lot of fun huh? Maybe only if you have kids, but even if you don't I think it'll help you get into a more festive mood if you dye a few, don't you think??
Have an awesome rest of the week, and thanks for visiting!
xoxo, Emily


  1. Why doesn't your pastel background look pretty, Emily. :)

    Neat egg dyes. So cool! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Loved the eggs with the flowers :)


    Sofia G

  3. Oh wow! They are all so pretty. I'm going to dye eggs with my kiddos later this week. It's such a fun tradition.

  4. Love the natural dye tutorial. Thanks for sharing these!

  5. Those are all really fun dye ideas! Thank you for sharing :D

  6. The neon dip dye ones are my favs!


  7. GORGEOUS! My favorite is the ombre technique - I'll definitely be giving this a try!

    Thanks for sharing! :)

    xo, Victoria

  8. Love the pastel ones and the ones with flattened flowers on them. Great techniques.

  9. really like the pastel ones!
    on my site you find more easter inspirations:) hope you visit my blog :)
    have a nice day
    xo k

  10. Love first one, so soft, and love that it's natural. My friend used Kool Aid this year and also a vibrant option.

  11. these are cute ideas. thanks for posting. I might use a few for our egg dyeing event.

  12. These are all definitely creative ideas!


  13. Those turned out really pretty! I might try this :)
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