Saturday, February 2

What I Wore// Red as Scarlett - Alt Summit Clue Party

Hey Guys! If you've been reading lately, then you know I went to Alt Summit last week, and it you follow me on Instagram (hooray!) then you've already seen a preview of the outfit I wore to the Clue Party! I'm excited to post these for the rest of you though, because I really had the best time that night! As you guessed I'm sure, you had to pick one of the characters or colors from the game 'Clue' as a muse for your outfit, and how could I not pick Miss Scarlett?! Full of mystery and glamour she is, so I did my best:)
birdcage veil - made by me:)
jewelry - gift from Martin
red dress - modcloth
striped tights - macy's
sparkle heels - breckelles
red coat - nordstroms

The lighting was pretty dim, but I loved the outfit and am just glad for the chance to share it! Also I thought also that its a very Valentines appropriate ensemble, and it was a truly awesome evening, so its fun to have a few memories:)
Take care today, and hope you're all enjoying better weather, as we are!
xoxo, Emily


  1. so gorgeous, love the headpiece Xo Megan,

  2. You always look so gorgeous and sophisticated. I absolutely love that necklace.

  3. Very chic! I love the striped tights :)

  4. You are such a bomb shell! You looked stunning! Like you always do :)

  5. You look beautiful! Love that birdcage veil I wish I could pull it off like you!

    Summer x

  6. Nice outfit! You're beautiful! :)

  7. Your outfit is way too cute! You really pulled off Scarlett, I love it!! Glad that you had a wonderful time! I wish they had something like this in my area.

  8. seriously hot. it really suits you! love the veil & the stockings... bah! i love it all. -glomps-
    love, x
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  9. What a fabulous outfit, I love getting the chance to dress up like this, you look lovely! We had better weather today too (still freezing but we got a bit of sunshine)

    Janine xx
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  10. um hi, favorite outfit of yours thus far. you look AMAZING

  11. Va Va Voom! You look amazingly glamorous, sophisticated and beautiful. Reminds me of a vintage Hollywood movie star. Truly gorgeous, girl!

  12. excellent job as Scarlett

  13. You look fabulous, your whole outfit is amazing!

  14. You were killing it in that dress! Bombshell for sure. Love this outfit.

  15. What a fun party to attend! You look amazing in red! :)

  16. This is such a cute outfit! You tights look lovely!


  17. Gorgeous look at the summit Emily!
    Your fascinator is really fascinating! :) Lovely hair accessory!
    Happy weekend my dear!

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  18. Such a great outfit! I love the red dress you look so beautiful in red!!
    Almost Endearing

  19. You are pretty. No wait, you are hot. Actually you are pretty hot! I'm so glad I got to know you better at Alt and I hope we can meet again sometime soon :)

  20. you look great
    i follow you now

  21. I love your dress! I wish I could get away with wearing something tight fitting like that however I'm not nearly as petite as you and I think it just wouldn't do me justice, haha!
    Great blog by the way, just stumbled upon one of your comments on another blog, clicked on through and now here I am ;)

  22. You look stunning! That veil is to die for I cannot believe you made that!! You're too talented lady! :)

  23. You look absolutely STUNNING. Love the veil and that sexy red dress!