Friday, February 1

Friday Finds #52 + a Blogging Anniversary

Holy cow batman! I'm pretty freakin excited today. Not only because its a new month, or because its two weeks till Valentines day, or even that these next few weeks are going to be chalk full of fabulous posts up the wazoo, but today marks 1 year since I made my blog public to the world! I'd been blogging for a few months already, but it had all just been privately for myself. Today, 1 year ago, I hit the public button and was starting out with no followers, no comments, no pageviews what-so-ever. No twitter, facebook, bloglovin, hellocotton, or even instagram:) What an amazing change has happened here in the last year! I'm excited to spend the net few weeks sharing little posts here and there on my blogging journey and things I've learned along the way, etc. If you have any questions too feel free to ask, and I'll do my best to answer! Happy February Friends! Now onto my finds:) 

This week I found...
...this fancy little Valentines outfit from Polyvore. perfect for a date night I think:)
Valentines day outfit idea.... 

...this paper blooms from west elm flower shop. so delicate and beautiful.
pretty paper flowers for spring

...this recipe for Valentine Heart Whoopie Pies! sounds and looks super fun. must try.
Valentine's Day Red Velvet Whoopie Pies!

...this tutorial for making quick ribbon roses. perfect for cake decorating!

...this pair of red heels with the bows! They are definitely a statement,, and you know how I love a statement! :)
red heels

...this diy hearts in a jar card from
DIY hearts in a jar card for Valentine's Day #Valentine #DIY

...this Convertible Mustang Shelby GT500. Coupe I think? Anyways couldn't help myself. Not that I was browsing through mustangs on ebay or anything... kinda pretty though huh? :)
Ford : Mustang Shelby GT500 Convertible Ford : Mustang Shelby GT500 Convertible | eBay

...this cute valentine idea from real simple. love the simplicity!
DIY Valentine made with birthday candles

...this stack of lip sticks that make me so inspired to find my match! 

...thisseen seas organic print from the fat quarter shop. Thinking of either doing johnny's room in biplanes or sail boats.. hard to decide
Seven Seas Organic Red The Fleet Yardage Cloud9 Organic Fabrics

...this heart breakfast that makes me want to have breakfast in bed every day!
Heart Shaped Breakfast

xo, Em


  1. I love all of the Valentine's-themed finds!

  2. You've accomplished so much in a year! You should be so proud of yourself. Happy birthday to your lovely blog. :)

  3. Gorgeous post and a happy 1 year anniversary to you!


  4. red nails and lipstick-yes! love the candle card-might just have to make that for someone!!

  5. Oh boy, you have achieved a lot in a year, tell me all of your secrets! :) Congratulations, mine is coming up on a few weeks too. I always wanted to be an editorial photographer for a day so I could chop up lipsticks and pour nailpolish everywhere ;)

  6. Oh great finds dear! Gorgeous reds! :)

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  7. Happy anniversary to your blog. Your photos are all lovely

  8. Happy anniversary to your blog. Your photos are all lovely

  9. Those moon pies are ADORABLE, and happy anniversary!

    I'm so glad you opened up this space to all of us!


  10. Wow you've only been blogging for a year?? Congrats on your success! And here i thought i was doing well lol. My one year anniversary is coming up in March i believe...

    And i want that breakfast in the last picture!


  11. Very cute! Congrats on a job well done and I look forward to spending the next years with your inspiration and fabulous blog :)