Wednesday, February 27

Little Letters Link-up

Hey loves, back today with another link-up! can you believe it? haha I love visiting you and reading your letters, and its so fun to meet new-to-me bloggers that way! well anyways, on to my letters I guess:)
Dear gmail inbox, I totally killed you this week! and I'm not sorry either. Muahahaha! Even though I know you'll be full again tomorrow, it feels awesome to see that little zero,
Dear March, I can't believe you're almost here! I love you because you bring Spring to us, but I also hate you because you bring my oldest's 3rd birthday, on the same day! Sorry that's the way its gotta be:)
Dear chocolate chip cookie dough, you are proving to be so much better then the cookies themselves! I know that's usually the case, but your soft gooeyness has been exactly what I need today:)
Dear Oscars, I wish I'd watched you, shoot I wish I was there! I oggled over the fashions, watched some of the presentations on YouTube  but that's about as close as I got to the red carpet this year.haha Maybe I'll visit one of my only two friends next year so I can watch, since we don't have cable. 
Dear Downton Abbey Watchers,  I know I said last week I wanted no spoilers, but then I couldn't help but look at them on twitter! I heard about a few very disturbing things and now I'm wondering, is Season 3 even worth it? or should I just end with the happy ending of Season 2? Please advise!
Dear snow, I cant believe you are back again! I know that I have a magnetic personality, but geeze:)
Dear GFC followers, I know you may not think you make a difference, but that GFC number is what it is because YOU added yourself! I always visit my new followers blogs and blow you lots of sloppy kisses. Thanks for making my day, every single day:) 
Now its your turn lil' darlings!:)
1. grab the code below and write your letters any day this week!
2. please, please include the button or my link to your letters post/sidebar
3. read others letters and make new friends! I'm excited to read yours!


  1. So nice to hear im not alone in my cookie dough affinity and non cable house ;)


  2. I can't believe March is here either. I know it's cliche but it REALLY does feel like New Year was only a few days ago! xx

  3. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who doesn't have cable and missed out on the Oscars! Netflix gives me all I need ;D

  4. In my opinion, 'Downton' is totally worth continuing, Emily. There are some truly beautiful moments despite the flaws. For my mother and I, knowing the "big" spoiler over a month in advance helped. I had my rant with friends but by the time I actually watched it, I was "over it." Not that it wasn't sad, I'd just realized that any other ending would have been impossible. Recently read this also:

    SPOILER: Fellowes requested Stevens hang around until S4, E1 so as to end on a happy note at the conclusion of S3. He refused. END

    Knowing it's the actors choice makes it easier to "accept" and despite it all, I am delighted to get into S4. :) Let me know what you think if you decide to see it.

    Love your 'Oscar' letter... and really all of these. :)

    Happy Wednesday.

  5. I want sloppy kisses! lol jk but seriously love your blog <3

  6. Having an empty inbox is one of the best feelings! I actually managed this at work...for about 10 mins :)

  7. I have the same doubt about Downton, I also heard things and am afraid to continue, but maybe will watch for Shirley.

  8. You are a wicked little lady, I just raided my cupboards to see if I had any chocolate chips to make cookie dough. Not cookies, just the dough! Thankfully (for my diet!) there were none. x

  9. yes, watch downton. you need to watch season 3 no matter what anyone says!

  10. I'm not really sure how link-ups work (new to blogging world), so just letting you know that I love this idea and I did it on my blog!

  11. Really impressed on your gmail 0! Maybe I should make that a goal for tomorrow...

  12. Just found your blog today via Wonder Forest. So happy I did. What a fun little Link-Up. Thanks so much.