Thursday, January 3

Little Letters

Howdy folks, and welcome to day 3 in the year 2013! Wow that came way too fast... maybe its time to start prepping my menu for the 4th of July, and starting work on our Halloween costumes. Ah! Life cannot go by this quick! *sigh* lets get to the letters shall we?
Dear Idaho, thank you for bring me snow on Boxing day, so we could have it in time for New Years! It really helped it feel more like the holidays, despite everyone being so sick:(
Dear bloggy friends, if you have any last minute questions for my first vlog(!) comment, email, message, whatever and I'll answer them!
Dear birthday, you will be here in just a few days! Lets give these awesomly supportive and sweet bloggers a little gift of our own what do you say?
Dear mr cold, no offense but I hope you and I never meet again. it was clear you didn't like me, and therefore I really didn't like you, so I think our parting was for the best all around don't you?
Dear Instagram, you made my life happier this week showing me pictures of everyones party faces, follow me on @emilymeyers13 and say hello!
Dear Ellie-bean, I cannot believe you will be three in just three short months! Dear Sophie-girl, you are turning two in only four months, wowzers! Dear little John, I don't remember giving you permission to be so big and strong at 7 months old, but I guess its in your jeans:)  
Dear Mr Meyers, thank you for my birthday trip! First night away from the kids ever, and then two whole days of thrifting, seafood, city explorations, and a little shoe shopping to top it off maybe?
Dear life, thank you for being full to the brim with exciting and fulfilling things, but slow down please! sincerely, someone who likes to stop and smell the flowers.
xo, Emmy
Now its your turn lil' darlings:)
1. grab the code below and write your letters any day this week!
2. please, please include the button or my link to your letters post/sidebar
3. read others letters and make new friends! I'm excited to read yours!



  1. Happy almost birthday Emily! Hope it's just wonderful :) xoxo

  2. I love that you wrote little letters for your children. Also I do have a question, who takes all your pictures for your fashion posts?? Thanks for hosting! Happy Thursday!

  3. Aw! So sweet, Emily. Love these. :) Hope you enjoy that birthday trip.

  4. Following you on Instagram, I love instagram :)

    I agree with the above question for your vlog, who takes your outfit pix?

  5. You are so sweet Emily! :)

    ★♡ Not-so-good 2013 welcome ... (-_-) ♡★
    Indressme Online Store: Rude Chat Support
    Really sad ... I just won a giveaway and this was how I got treated ...

    ❤ ~Chai

  6. I love the idea of the little letters

  7. Emily, i follow you on Instagram and had to come over and see your lovely blog. I cant stop reading it and am loving every second. Your heart is so genuine and you are gorgeous to boot!!
    I love the idea of this little letter link up and would love to participate! What day should i plan to link up? :)

    PS: I hope you are feeling better, it is awful being sick with little ones!