Friday, January 4

FF #48 + Color of the Month

This months color actually came about because it's my birthday month, and my favorite color at the moment is red! I also feel that even though it is primarily linked with Christmas,  to me this color stands for a bold new start to 2013. Being strong and fierce and charging out into the year with fervor and momentum:)
This week I found (in the color of the month)...

...this sophisticated outfit from Polyvore. definitely a more dressy and modern look, but i'm loving each piece Red & black & white.  Classic colors & outfit. *

...this vintage style bike. someone please buy this for my birthday? I would die!
vintage red bike

...this delicious looking cherry pie. That's actually on my bucket list haha yummy!
Like Agent Cooper, I am a sucker for cherry pie and a cup of joe.

...this tiny puppy dog. Oh my goodness. Where. can. i. get. one. of. these!! please oh please


...this beautiful and delicate quilt! love the pattern used for the actual quilting. love the colors
Pretty red & white quilt     More lusciousness at

...this fun way of 'carving' apples! Wouldn't look too pretty for long, but I am inspired!

...this collection of red and rust colored books all together in a case. makes me want to sort my books by color!

...this fantastic recipe for red velvet icecream! I think I've died and gone to heaven.
red velvet cake ice cream

...this plaid case for my phone! I'm a sucker for a great plaid.
iPod/iPhone 3G/4 Case

...this kitchen conversion chart. perfect in my red kitchen!
Kitchen Conversions Red 8 x 10 Print - Kitchen Art - Home Decor - Kitchen Prints. $24.00, via Etsy.
What colors or thing are inspiring you this week?
Tomorrow is a huge day on the blog! make sure to stop back by for a visit!
xo, Em


  1. Red is my favorite right now too! I always love red in winter! Lovely post! xx

  2. Ooooh red! Love this color my dear! :) I love the red velvet ice cream! Looks so delicious! :)

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    Really sad ... I just won a giveaway and this was how I got treated ...

    ❤ ~Chai

  3. That outfit is perfect! So classy and sexy, all at once ;)

    And the plaid case?!?! Too cute !!

  4. my kitchen is red too! and, you know i'm obesessing over burgandy and mustard at the moment.. my winter colours!


  5. okay- that puppy! i want a whole batch of 'em!!! so darn sweet but i would be slightly scared i would lose it or step on one!

  6. That outfit would look SO va va VOOM on you pretty lady, and that plaid iPhone case?! SO GORGEOUS.

  7. I love the bookcase! I always think about color coding my books but it would never look that amazing!

    This Lovely Little Day

  8. That puppy is ridiculously cute! Words cannot even do its cuteness justice!

  9. that puppy is so cute!
    and red is a gorgeous colour.xx

  10. THAT LITTLE PUPPY. I need one, too.


  11. in the 1st pic the outfit is amazing I love it, and I want a dog like that, what kind of dog is it? is real? or is a toy?

  12. That outfit looks so hot & very stylish I love it all! I am very partial to the colour red also!

    Mrs Brown @Mrs Brown's Thoughts

  13. Good photos.
    The outfit in the first picture is very nice.
    And the puppy is beautiful!

  14. I so loved the puppy forever.. Im looking for that one cutie little puppy too! :'( Nice picked photos :))