Wednesday, December 26

Sick Day

Hey guys, 'sicky' here reporting for duty on the ol blog. At least I think I'm sick...pretty sure... I've got the coughing, achy, sneezing, runny nose, headache, don't-really-want-to-get-out-of-bed symptoms. That means I'm sick right? Oh and Rudolph came by two nights ago and left his red nose behind for yours truly:( Don't feel sorry for me...  OK, do:) 
Besides being doped up on herbal tea, Zicam, and the Alka Seltzer that seems to be lingering from last night, this cold has been pretty manageable, (might have something to with the fact that Martin's been tending the kids and keeping house) it just sucks to be sick on a holiday in general, let along Christmas:( We had a good run of it anyways though, and will probably have a do-over on the food aspect of Christmas later this week. Maybe the rest of the things I ordered online last month will come by then, than we can have more presents too! Win Win!

Now that we're on a lighter note, how was y'all's Christmas? Did you get that something special you've been hoping for? (or blatantly asked for haha) I'd love to hear!
Thanks for stoppin by today, and I'll see you tomorrow!!
xo, Emily  

P.S. is it just me? or do guys have a much harder time dealing with sickness then us ladies do? I think its kinda sad, and funny at the same time, because on a normal day they're so tough and strong, and then a bug hits them and its like deaths door. Not that we mind, we like takin' care of our men folk right ladies? Unless they are cranky... no one likes a cranky-boots. Thoughts? :)
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  1. I was sick too and am still trying to get over it! So miserable! Hope you are feeling better :)

  2. Oh you poor thing! Hope you are feeling better soon! <3

    Lost in the Haze

  3. I also got sick yesterday!! And today I have your exact symptoms... It's not fun at all! But I'm starting to feel a little better, I hope the same for you!!!

  4. I'm sick too! I've been carrying around tissues and cough drops with me everywhere today. I hope you feel better!

  5. I hope you're feeling better. What a bummer to be sick during the holidays! And yes, I agree, men handle being sick SO MUCH WORSE than us ladies. They're such babies. ;)

  6. Awww hope you get well soon! Sometimes, the holiday season brings sickly feverish effect due to weather and all ... I wish you a better year ahead Emily! :)

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  7. Aww hope you feel better, rest up!

    70th and Chic

  8. Get well! We all need days to let our bodies recharge and sip on some tea

  9. I'm sick too, I left half of my family in madrid sick and had to fly over to geneva in a very crappy state. my boyfriend was working so no one to pick me up at the airport to help me out with all the extra weight in presents that i brought with me...and i'm working for the next 3 days really early in the morning...=/

    nice way to finish off the year.

    anyways, hope you are doing better. loved your outfit recap post. you are so pretty and stylish!!

    Bea =)

  10. I have the same symptoms :( feel better! Xx

  11. Bummer!! Feel better ASAP. It's no fun to be sick at all.
    I agree completely that men are complete babies about everything. Not going to lie
    I do enjoy taking care of my man though.

  12. I very nearly die each time I get ill, and then my wife saves my life:) and then she gets ill:( But she never complains

  13. I got an engagement ring for Christmas!! :D Yay! Sorry you're not feeling well. I recently read that eating marshmallows helps to soothe a sore throat. Who knew?! Feel better and Happy New Year!

  14. men folk always have a harder time when they are sick :) hope you're feeling better!

  15. My husband is like that. Like he's dying with a cold.