Thursday, December 27

My Year In Fashion

Morning everyone! I've been excited to share this little collection of outfits from the last year, because putting it together really made me realize how much I've grown and learned about my personal style in that time. I really got to analyze just what has fashion meant to me, see what has changed and what hasn't. Obviously I started the year pregnant (18 weeks), grew quite large indeed:), had baby John, and then my closet became a little more versatile again right after he was born, but lets have a look: 
I personally feel like my confidence has greatly increased (in the displaying, and in clothing choices) and my overall awareness of what suits my personality and body type has become more solid, despite the huge changes that it's gone through:) I think if I could choose five words to describe what my personal style is, I think I would like them to be:
1. Sophistication. 2. Simplicity 3. Femininity 4. Versatility 5. Strength

If you could pick five words, what would they be? Have you look back into your outfit archives lately? What do you think you've learned about your fashion sense/body in the last year?
Hope you have a fantastic day ladies! 
Xo, Emily

P.S. For the group of my outfit posts click Here, for baby Johns maternity series (with notes) click Here:)

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  1. I love all of your outfits! I definitely wouldn't mind being more fashion forward, but I am horrible at putting outfits together.

  2. What a great collection! You've inspired me to do more regular fashion posts on my blog. Happy Thursday!

  3. It's amazing how you easily lost that weight and back to sexy again! Whoooaaa! I wonder how you do it! :) Seriously! You're absolutely stunning! :)

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  4. Well you always look amazing so all of your outfits are lovely :) I love the pictures where you are pregnant :)

  5. Gosh! I don't think you have the capacity to look bad in clothes :)

  6. Looking at these, I think your #1 should be versatile! For myself I would say funky, feminine, creative, thrifty and comfort. And by comfort, I don't mean give-up-and-throw-on-sweats but seeking out natural fibers such as cashmere and cotton because nothing drives me crazy more than acrylic and polyester.

  7. I really like this, it is a nice montage of your life over the last year (in outfits but it also shows back story and change in the photos) The 5 words to describe my style would be;

    Feminine, Preppy, Classic, Fun, Girly

    Janine xx

  8. Okay I love your fashion. I especially love the outfits where you paired a bright bold bottom with an edgy but neutral top. So gorgeous.

    PS There's a year in review link-up that just went live on my blog. If you have 30 seconds I'd love for you to link up this post!

  9. Loved looking at this post you look great even when pregnant and went straight back after the baby. Amazing x x

  10. I think putting your posts together like this is a great idea! It definitely puts it all into perspective :) I've spent the year defining my own style as well, though I haven't taken too many pictures. Maybe I should make that a goal for 2013 :)

    Happy belated Christmas my dear,and I hope you have a wonderful New Years!


  11. I Love your fashion! You looked amazing pregnant!
    I'm a new follower and look forward to reading more.


  12. I love your outfits and your bump! You were such a beautiful pregnant mama! New follower. ;) hi.

  13. Blogging does give you a greater sense of style, love all your outfits and the progression!

  14. I love your outfits.
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