Sunday, November 25

Weekend Wrap-up + Instalife

This Week: Went to see the final installment of breaking dawn with an awesome friend which made me first extremely angry but then fairly satisfied:) Martin away for the better part of last week and not getting back till Thanksgiving day, but yea for getting home! My beautiful just-older sister came with her hubby for the holiday (yea again!), great amounts of delicious food, lots of work and photo editing, tons and tons of laundry, Christmas music and movies, christmas cards ordered, Christmas Setup and lights put up! Some amazing mexican food, beautiful sunsets, also got a better cleaning routine put in my head by my sister so, an all around productively tasty and fun week! 
Weekly Snapshots: 
Next Week: I"m hoping that next week is a big scheduling push forward as far as our family, blogging, etsy etc. I also am in one of those mentalities where I want to go live in the woods as a hermit (with my family) for a few years, but then I really miss playdates and activities with other human beings at the same time! Anyways, all I'm putting on the calender for the week so far is housework/chores, blogging catch-up, and family time. We'll just watch it all get filled up for us as the week progresses, like it always does, and you know what I'm talking about! haha
A Few Facts:
  • Don't know if you know this, but I've had all three kiddos with zero medication, and the last two at home!
  • I have a serious addiction to music.
  • I am not a big flats person, not that I don't love my converse and flip flops etc, but if I can get away with wearing some heels then I probably will.
I honestyl am so greatful that you stopped by today, and I was wondering if you could tell me your favorite thing about your week?
xo, Emily

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  1. Hi!

    This is my first comment on your blog, but I've been reading it aaaaall (all the way back to the first entries) during the past few weeks, and I can honestly say that reading your blog is one of my favorite things nowadays! It is so inspiring, and so gratifying, and so uplifting to share in your many blessings and your every-day life with your beautiful family, how you manage to stay so organized and be so creative at the same time. I love it! I wish you all the best, and a lovely, productive, happy week ahead!

    Mine will be full of work, but sprinkled with various bits of creativity here and there. Also I was wondering if you would be interested in sharing that tip about the cleaning routine you got from your sister? ;)

    Oh, and while I'm at it (hehe), please do post more pictures of your wonderful home!

    Again, all the best!

  2. My favorite thing about this week was watching my kids watch the parade. They were so animated and excited! :)

  3. I love this post and your last pict, so sweet :)

    Here are some things I've loved this week :
    - I've had a job interview that went well
    - I've given my boyfriend our first pre-engagement ring (in french we call it "friendship ring") and we had a lovely dinner in a french restaurant
    - I've tried this baguette recipe and this is absolutely perfect (here ;) >

    oh and i'm still enjoying reading your blog.
    Good evening lady :)

  4. What great pictures! Watching the parade is always amazing and I loved Breaking Dawn pt 2!

  5. I was watching the last part of Twilight this week too! So this is my favorite thing from the past week!)
    Have a wonderful fresh week!)

  6. Gyaaaah Breaking Dawn! That reminds me I must watch ...


  7. My favorite thing? Spending time with my daughter for four days - not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.

  8. Ohh I'm the opposite to you, I live in flats! High heels and me are a clumsy pair ;)

  9. Catching up on sleep this past week was fantastic :-) Now its back to the grind!

  10. I got to watch a sappy christmas show with my gal. That was tops for me:)

  11. I felt the EXACT same way about Breaking Dawn. I was ready to stand up and start anarchy.