Sunday, November 18

Weekend Wrap-up + Instalife

This Week: this week has felt like a whirlwind and the longest week of my life at the same time. haha Probably since its been two weeks since I've posted a wrap-up due to my Holiday Hair Week. Wonderfully happy things like great talks with friends, exciting things like making plans, discouraging and frustrating things like spoiled food and mischievous toddlers, yummy and delicious things like lavender bars, pecan blondies, gourmet pasta and bloomin' fried onions. I've been at the top of the emotional roller coaster as well as the bottom this week, but its been an all-around fantastic week in the long run, haha
Weekly Snapshots: first hot chocolate from Starbucks of the season, at the Passionfruit mixer with two beautiful bloggers: Jenna and Jenni, evening walks, first live eclipse watched,
... light and perfect spinach salad, funny johnny face after his bath, date night out with martin for some competitive pool, making a huge mess in my kitchen but not caring cuz they were delicious:)
Weeks Favorite: cannot get over this picture of Sophie watching tv in the cowboy hat that she would not let go of for a week straight. Love this girl to death
Next Week: exciting family photo sessions with some of my favorite people, family coming to make out thanksgiving a little less husband and father-less:) Martin is returning, so many fun treats and meals planned to make, holiday routines and schedules, about 1 million loads of laundry, Christmas cards, Christmas setup! and just more all around monotony that every day cleaning means. haha
A Few Facts:
  • I did a little math and realized that with three kids in diapers (our 2 year old is not yet trained) I change about 5,400 diapers a year. ... holy smokes! is there a medal for that?!
  • my three favorite ways for relaxing are taking bathes, playing the piano, and vacuuming:)
  • my friend and I started out own own Twilight marathon with brownie batter shots. heck yes we did!
So excited about thanksgiving people, family, friends, and best of all food. *le sigh*
Are you and yours doing anything special for the Holiday?
xo, Emily

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  1. Cute pics!!!!

  2. Have a fabulous Thanksgiving, Emily! My family is hosting this year so that could be fun... maybe. (Who knows what I'll say when the day rolls around.)

    Cannot wait to dig out the decorations for Christmas and I desperately NEED to get my card finished. *sigh* It's never-ending, right!?

    WOW! You may totally deserve a medal. That's impressive math. ;D

  3. I keep thinking I need to try the salted caramel hot chocolate at SB's, but I'm afraid I may fall in love with it :)

  4. Nice to know you play the piano! Cool. :)
    Such a cute baby up there! :) Will give you an award for changing diapers. LOL. :p

    Hope you had a great weekend! :)


  5. Awesome pictures!