Thursday, November 15

Passionfruit Love + free button code

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend the very first Passionfruit Mixer in SLC, and had a total blast. I was able to meet a lot of you amazing bloggy woman, and in all of our conversations I discovered such an urge to spread the Passionfruit love that I knew I had to finally write the post I've been meaning to since after the first 10 minutes of using 'PF' ads.

At first I was a little skeptical about outsourcing for my blog, but as I watched my favorite bloggers big and small switching one by one to PF (as I'm sure many of you have aswell), I knew that there must be something wonderful that I was missing. Sure enough, it is the stuff of crazy fantasies, and my only regret is not signing up sooner.
From my standpoint as a profit-blogger who produces posts daily, is also a mommy of three babies under three, a full-time shop owner, portrait photographer, home-maker/home-cleaner, and so much more, does it sound like I have extra time on my hands? I don't. And if you are like me, the the biggest stress/worry when it comes to blogging is the time and energy and headachs usually spent at the end/beginning of each month dealing with my sponsorship's. Period. Let me know you a bit of what I'm talking about. Before I started using Passionfruit Ads to handle all my sponsors, my 'sponsorship program' worked like this:
  1. Post a sponsor call, letting everyone know I was accepting, then bite my nails in anticipation 
  2. try desperately to receive the flood of emails in an orderly fashion and not to get them lost, confused, and answered in a timely and professional manner,
  3. create multiple spreadsheets, word docs, and notebooks full of scribbles and stickies keeping track of who was buying how many months, at what size, and for how much.
  4. send out awkward invoices asking sweetly for peoples money and and giving them deadlines for payments and buttons. So friendly don't you think?
  5. emails full of polite but persistent questions about images, sizing, links, etc, etc,
  6. spend the last three days/first few days of every month using up all the tylonal in the house and building up callouses on your fingers to put the code together juuuust right. (don't leave out a single character!),
  7. regret the fact that all communications with your sponsors have been so whiny and annoying, even though you were walking on eggshells with the swaps of money and html and the stress of screwing it up,
  8. more stress out sessions at least once a week during the entire month to make sure you're rotating all the buttons fairly so they all get the same exposure,
the list could go on, but you get the point. Now in contrast, I'll show you how my sponsorship program works since sighing up for PF ads:
  1. Approve the ads that have been purchased by my amazing sponsors, and brought to my attention by a sweet little email,
  2. enjoy getting to know my sponsors personally, promoting them, and building friendships, minus the emails about money, links, html, all the while having the money sent directly to my Paypal account. End of story.
Is that rad, or what?! I actually feel silly for having waited so long, thinking about all the time and stress wasted when my life could have been made 1000 times easier by a few clicks of my mouse.

Did I say a few clicks?
  1. sign up
  2. set your ad sizes and prices
  3. paste a little bit of code into your sponsor page.
That's it. 
-PF handles every little tidbit of your sponsor details automatically once you've selected preferences, and yet you've a dashboard with full and complete control of the whole operation 24/7. 
promo codes? check.
automatic shuffling? got it.
complete and overall control and customization? absolutely.

-Its entirely free to sign up, and you only pay for the ads that you make money from. Even then its only a little measly $1 for each ad you sell. $1 freaking dollar folks. 
-Everything is spelled out very clearly and in a extremely non-nerd friendly way, but just in case the founder and creator, Jason, is right there all the time to answer your emails, live chat messages, even phone calls! that's right, he gives out his cell phone number people. That's how much he cares about his bloggers. What finally sold me on signing up was the fact that he answered his phone on the second ring with the answers to ever question and concern I could think of, and I've had the same immediate and friendly customer support ever since.
Passionfruit has taken massive amounts of stress out of my life and enabled me to spend more time on the thing I love most about being a blogger, blogging! 
And it goes further! Nowadays, I have to really (i mean really) love the blog to purchase an ad if they do not have a PF market. I simply don't have the time or patience to do the email swapping thing for days on end. The steps for buyers/purchasers go like this:
  1. click on the 'buy now' button for the size I want to purchase, 
  2. enter your email, link, and upload your banner image (html be gone!), and purchase.
  3. watch your button pop up once the blogger approves. Sometimes within minutes.
The perks and pluses of using PF are pretty much endless, and growing all the time.
There are a million and one reasons for letting Passionfruit handle your sponsors for you, and not a single legitimate reason for not starting today, as far as I'm concerned:)

I'm so sure that you'll be making the best decision towards better blogging, and so passionate about spreading the word that I'm giving out a free medium sponsor button  to the first 5 people to head on over to the Passionfruit site and sign up! Once you are, just come back here to my sponsor page and use the promo code: passionfruitlove  (free spaces filled! Instead use 30%off code: passion30off )
Joining the Pf family will take no more then a few minutes, and once you start you can always change your mind. I guarantee that once you sign up however you'll never take back all that worry and responsibility. Now go for it!

SITETwitter  Jason's cell# (919) 961-2598 ♥ Facebook

Already a PF user? Tell me something you love about them. Gonna make the change? Let me know!
Have a beautiful day guys, and thanks for reading,
xo, Emmy

Notice: This post is not sponsored in any way, I simply love the way Passionfruit has made my life incredibly easier and given me a renewed love for blogging in the process. I believe that Passionfruit is at the forefront of changing the world of advertising online, and I want to spread the word.


  1. I literally signed up for these ads last night and got all of the codes ready to go. I was hesitant to post for a variety of reasons. This post sealed the deal. Great timing!

  2. I love Passionfruit! It's so easy to get my ads on other people's blogs and it sends me an email when the month is almost over!

  3. I love passionfruit for ads too--I'm thankful that I've been using them since the very beginning of my blogging 'life'!

  4. yay i just signed up!! i've been blogging only a little while, but when it comes time to ad space (if i'm ever that lucky) then passionfruit is definitely going to be my go-to for hassle free help! thanks for the opportunity and the useful advice emily! x

  5. So great to meet in you in person last weekend!!! You know I love Passionfruit!!!

  6. Cool sponsorship program Emily! Nice of you to write this for them. :)


  7. Great rundown on PF ads! I totally need to sign up. So fun meeting you this weekend! Love your blog :)


  8. Such a fun idea to promote passion fruit! I just went and used the code. I use passion fruit right now, can that count?? :)

  9. Awesome post...pinned it so I can look this over again for my blog! :)

  10. does it count if I am already on Passionfruit ads? ;)

  11. Sounds like such a cool set up--I have just barely started taking and seeking out sponsors, and it sounds like this is definitely the way to go. Thanks for the spot too--you rock!

  12. Yay, I made it! Thank you so much :)

  13. Thanks for all th great info. I have been wanting to sign up with them for awhile. I put your free code in and it worked but I was having problems uploading my banner. Any suggestions? I don't want to lose my spot. Thanks.

    1. Emily,

      You are unbelievably kind. Thank you for all of your help. Your the best. Thanks again.

  14. Yay, I made it in time! Thank you so much :)

  15. This sounds pretty fantastic. I've been wondering about the pros/cons of doing this!

  16. That sounds great. I have a question though, does PF arrange all the buttons for you? Or is that something the blogger still needs to do? Cuz I can't figure out how to get the right spacing on my blog buttons :/

    1. Unifyhandmade, yes we arrange them for you and let you specify the spacing. Super easy!

    2. Yes! Thank you Jason for answering. I need to set up my PF account asap! :-D

  17. Emily, you know we love you and thanks so much for this amazing post. You made me tear up a little ;)

  18. I need to do this... I don't know how you do all you do with 3 under 3! Super mama!