Tuesday, November 27

November Sponsor Spotlight!

Morning again guys! Thanks so much for stoppin by today, really! I'm so happy and grateful for the chance to share a little about these strong women, and successful businesses! I have been honored to have them advertise with me as Large Sponsors, and I've loved working with them! I hope you'll visit each of them and look around. You'll love what you find! 
I've asked each of them to introduce themselves and their blog or business, and I've attached a few links, so be sure and stop by!!

First I'm startin' off with Alivia from Brunch in April! This lady has such gorgeous detail photography and shrap editing skills, and such a nack for turning life into a beautiful story. I love her strong direction and spunky attitude, and she shares so many fun and personal details from her life that I almost feel like I know her well! She has so much to offer on her blog, and I know you'll agree!

Next is Courtney introducing us to Nikolette Bags! The first time I found their website I fell in love with the bags instantly. Then after reading into the qualities they have, I couldn't have been more excited about the chance to promote the shop. Each bag is handmade with love, are extremely durable, have all sizes from small clutches to large messenger bags, and each design is sharp and classy while still being cute and vintage feeling. See for yourself! 
 Shop // Tumblr // Twitter

These ladies are always so upbeat and positive, and their zest for life is contagious! They have such creative and useful beauty tips and tricks that I have never seen before, and the outfits they put together are so easy and chic! They cover so many fashion and beauty bases, and at the same time manage to keep things fun and smooth on their blog. I am so impressed every time I visit, and I know you will be too!
Blog // Shop // Facebook

Last but not least is the cute and fun Kaili from her blog: KAW studio! Kaili is really always so good natured and positive, and has the most creative approach to doing absolutely everything! Her shop is full of her fun drawings and beautiful photography, and there's something there for everyone!!
Blog // Etsy // Facebook

As a blogger that posts weekly+ outfits and has a huge thing for chunky jewelry, I feel it's my job to send you over to outfit additions to drool over everything they have to offer. I am a firm believer that the right piece of jewelry can make or break a look, and with fair prices and options for every type of style, they make the perfect go-to shop for all types of jewelry you've been needing to help in your quest for prefect piece of jewelry. Check em out!

Last but not least, I'm happy to be back again this month to introduce you to Shai and her lovely home on the web! The reason I started blogging publicly this year is because of inspiring women like this lady. She has such bold courage and silent strength in facing whatever life has to offer, and a beautiful soul that shines through her writing. Shai fills her blog full of eco tips and tricks, inspiring people, tempting recipes, easy crafts, and so much more. I always leave her blog feeling like I've had a chat with an old friend. I know you will love what you find:)
Blog // Etsy // Facebook
Again I have been honored to have this group of sponsors for November, and I do hope that you will visit these blogs and shops and have a look around! Such a sucessful and ambitious group, and they deserve every ounce of support in the world:)

Take care today, and I'll see you again tomorrow!
xoxo, Em


  1. I can't wait to check these other ladies out! Thanks for the sweet comments XO We had a blast this past month hanging out on your blog XO

  2. Very cool! Thanks for the intro to some great women!

  3. I totally forgot to email you - and for that I apologize! I changed my blog url to

    Thanks for the feature :)

  4. Hooray! More sponsors to come for you Emily! :)


  5. Hey honey, just to let you know, I am following you! You left a message on my blog. You have an amazing blog honey and I have commented on it, just changed my profile pic recently, xoxo.