Wednesday, November 21

Mixed Tape #12

Back again today friends! I'm here everyday:) I'm finally bringing the mixed tape for November out now that its almost December:| Thank you patient ones for inquiring! Its always nice to know that feature posts are appreciated and waited for:)
This month's mix is really a combo of the type of songs I seem to gravitate towards everytime the weather starts to turn chilly, and the cider and snuggles come out, Hence the name: Winter Chill. I love slow, sweet songs full of emotion and passion. I hope you enjoy!
As usual, I've put the list together in a old fashioned Mix Tape format (you remember those:)) Each link will lead you to a music video of the song on Youtube, but remember that I'm just promoting the fabulous music and not the video content. Haha Here we go!
1. Rubiks Cube - athlete
2. Good morning - william fitzsimmons
3.  Green Eyes - coldplay
4. Venice - the lighthouse and the whaler
5. Just a Game - birdy
6. Night Time - the xx
7.  Bloodstream - stateless 
1. Love is the End - Keane 
2. On Your Side - pete yorn
3. My immortal - evanescence
4. Far away - washed out
5. Loud as Hope - iron and wine
6. Samson - regina spektor 
7. Skyfall - adele
8. She Knows - just jinger

I really really love to hear when you found a new song or band that you like or love, so please let me know! Also I would love to hear and reccommended favorites of yours! We listen to music around the clock here, and are always on the lookout for brilliant music:)
Have a fantastic Thanksgiving tomorow my dears! Eat lots of apple pie if you're celebrating, and if pie anyways!
xoxo, Em

P.S. if you're interested in seeing all the past mix tapes in this feature, click the link here!


  1. Love these songs! Skyfall is my current favourite, but I've been listening my immortal for very long time, and it will always be one of my favourite songs!
    cool post :*

  2. "Skyfall" is sort of neat. It has such a retro vibe. :)

  3. JUST IN TIME!! I needed some new tunes for my flight tomorrow. and I love your taste in music. thanks for hooking a sister up. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. My Immortal is like a national anthem for me now + Skyfall! Haha. :)
    Happy Thanksgiving Emily!


  5. You have such excellent taste in tunes!