Tuesday, November 6

Holiday Hair Week - Tutorial #2: Perfect Ringlets

(Update: This tutorial is in my specialty section because it's really more for costume purposes, like for our civil war halloween here, though it's up to you of course what you use it for! :)) 
Welcome back to Holiday Hair week darlings:) Here today for day #2 is a fun tutorial that I've been wanting to share for a lonnng time! My reason being that I've been doing this to my hair off and on ever since I can remember, and its just so easy and uses no heat whatsoever! The thing that's different about this tutorial is that it's not a complete hairstyle as in I wouldn't ever really wear it out just like this without adding accessories and or doing some sort of hairstyle with it once I achieved the curls. Usually I would simply tie it all back in a bouncy ponytail, or run my fingers through the curls to loosen them up, but its up to you! It's definitely worth trying even just once though so you can have the fun experience:)
These curls are just too bouncy and playful, and fun because they're so different! Everyone will compliment you on them, and guaranteed people will be playing with and 'bouncing' your curls all night so keep that in mind.haha This particular day I was actually styling my hait for our costumes, otherwise I wouldn't have parted it directly in the middle, but your part is up to you! Again this tutorial is more of a means to an end, meaning that while it is just fine the way it is, I normally curl my hair then style it somehow. You just don't want to cover up or undo all that gorgeous curl! I'll give a list of styling ideas at the end of the post. For now, here's how ya get it done!!
Supplies needed:
- Package of foam curlers
- Brush
- hair pins or clips (optional)
- hair dryer (optional)
- spray bottle (optional) 


Step #1: To start off, you'll want to take a shower the night before your event, and we're going to start the hair stylin right out of the shower! You'll want to put the curlers in with damp (not sopping) hair, so if you need to re-wet it, please do so! Choose your part ahead of time, and separate your hair into 4-6 approx. even sections. Secure with hair clips or pins.
Step #2: Divide your curlers up into groupings so every section gets the same amount. (This will help you not run out of curlers, and they will all be uniform.) Start with one section and taking about a inch section, begin wrapping the hair flat around the foam curler beginning roughly in the middle of your section. Move along your head with the bottom sections first and moving to the top.
Step #3: Have a slightly uncomfortable nights sleep, (or just blow dry a bunch throughout the day after putting them in early) and take them out by unraveling the end slightly, then holding in one hand and tugging straight down with the other, and Voila! I always do them the night before, because I don't want to chance having them not 'set', but I do have very long hair, so you be the judge weather or not you think yours are dry. Test it with one curl! :)
Step #4: The last bit is the easiest and most fun: of taking them out! You'll proceed to bounce your head around like a goof for 5-10 minutes before deciding on how to style your new Shirley Temple locks! Again you can leave your curls like this (just only with a side part maybe), but from here a few of my favorite styles are:
- High bouncy pony
- Curly top-knot bun
- Two low pig-tails
- Add in a sparkly hair accessory or bow,
- Or simply pull a bit back from the front for a half-up half-down. 
And that's all there is to it folks! Again, if you decide to give it a try, let me know because I'd love to hear feedback:)
xoxo, Emily

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  1. Replies
    1. Wow, really pretty. Exactly how I want my hair to look. Tried it tonight then I will take out tomorrow. Hope it turns out well.

  2. I remember my mom used to use those foam curlers on me when I was little! Always got cute curls from them.

    Whiskey for Breakfast

  3. so pretty!! it looks like you just came out from a Jane Austin's book!! ♥

  4. That is sooo cute. The perfect hair-do if you wanted to dress up in a Victorian caroling costume!

  5. great look!
    love the curly hair ! :)

  6. cute! I dont think my hair would stay like that no matter what I did lol. It NEVER holds a curl!

  7. Cute idea! My hair would probably never stay like that. My hair hates to curl no matter what I do lol.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! It brings back so many memories of my mum before she died. She used to do that to my hair using strips of cut up pillow cases! I wish I could remember how she did it. Not that I could do it to my hair at the moment... I had it all chopped off in January in aid of charity (and I donated it to the UK version of Locks of Love) but I'm ready to grow it again now!
    I'm really enjoying your blog, by the way!
    Suzy Turner
    YA Author (

  9. Your hair definitely takes better to rollers than mine does? Thanks for stopping by my blog... yours is great. Love the design and layout X

  10. Hello! I really liked your blog, it is awesome! And I follow you one! ^^

  11. Wow!!! Really, really pretty!!!

  12. Hello Emily,

    Thank you for visting my blog. I like yours very much, so I follow you now.

    By the way, I love this hairstyle. You're very pretty.


  13. You look so pretty in this hairstyle, kind of reminds me of a fairytale princess!

    x karen

  14. Those foam rollers are the best! Very cute ringlets. :)

  15. holy macaroni this is just so beautiful -jaw drops- how do you keep it up all day? your hair tutorials are amazing, thanks for sharing!!

  16. When I first saw this tutorial photo I thought you were wearing an Irish Dancing wig! I remember curling my hair like this as a child for dance competitions, as you get older you can wear a wig that looks just like this!