Friday, November 30

FF #44

...this easy and comfy winter outfit. All I can think of is snow when I see it. come on snow! :)
"Winter Holiday Outfit" by honeybee20 on Polyvore

...this creative, cute, and inexpensive way of wrapping gifts! Once we use up the rest of our louder paper, we may just do this forever after.

...this completely cozy and inspiring picture! I want cable-knit socks in every color in the world, please.

...this amazing recipe from nonoe other then Martha Eggnog Cheesecake?! Come on!
Eggnog cheesecake bars... Perfect Christmas dessert!

...this classy way to decorate for a party from the hwtm blog. simple and pretty!
Pretty Christmas Chairs

...this collection of flirty sweaters from beauty file. Favorite is the pink heart, or maybe the 'oh la la', or...
c600x351 The Flirt

...this new lookbook from Just Lovely Things! My accessories collection is due for a Major overhawl this season, and Heathers shop is deffinitely going to help that along!

...this delicious recipe for Bombe Alaska. Sponge cake, lemon sorbet, studded with raspberries and covered in sweet meringue. Kill me now.
Slice through meringue to fluffy sponge and lemon sorbet, folded through vanilla ice cream studded with juicy raspberries. (Photography by Brett Stevens; Recipe by Kerrie Ray).

...this DIY for Salt Dough Ornaments from the spectacular Jess Craig. We're doing these this year!

...this simple and chic holiday party dress from Modcloth. Love the color, and the collar! now if it were available:(
Two Happy Hearts Red Dress - Short, Red, Tan / Cream, Black, Solid, Peter Pan Collar, Sequins, Party, Vintage Inspired, Sleeveless, Holiday Party

...this is possibly thee cutest thing I've ever seen. 
Too cold, too cold, too cold!

...this photo looks just like it was taken where I grew up in Delaware, around this same time of year. Isn't it just beautiful?


What was your favorite thing about winter growing up? do you remember?
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Take care you guys, and happy last day of November! Ahhh!!!
xo, Em


  1. Love the wrapping with Kraft paper, so pretty! And eggnog cheesecake? Yes please!!

  2. all this this things are so cosy and so Christmas:) love it.

    Best regards,

  3. I really enjoy your Friday Finds posts. You always find the cutest pics to share. I'm dying over that pup running in the snow!

  4. Love the cable socks by the fire. Looks like Winter perfection! And eggnog cheesecake sounds heavenly. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  5. As usual, these are great "finds," Emily. :)

  6. hello!!

    new follower here from #blogbrunch!!
    you have such a cute blog, it seems you blog about everything!!I can't wait to go through your posts more in detail.

    Bea =)