Sunday, October 21

Weekend Wrap-up - Instalife

This Week: not to much swaying from the sweet little routine we have going so far this season. You know the one: scheduled treats meals, daily chores, walks, errands every now and then, trips to the gym, bathes in the evening, more chores, kids to sleep, movie or chatting with the Mr, and then a very late bedtime:) This last week I've added a few sewing projects, a few all-nighters, lots of canning, a horrible trip to the dentist(insert frowny face), yoga, and a Halloween party! Been an all around great week.
Weekly Snapshots: delicious, sweet, snugly, and fun moments from the past week:)
Weeks Favorite: This picture of Martin and Ellie mowing the lawn together. I was sitting at the picnic table when Martin called me and I looked up to see this! Sweetest thing ever.
Next Week: I have a to-do list that's about 7 pages long (no joke), but I'm really going to take it easy as well and move along one day at a time. No use it running myself ragged with chores so I'm useless when the fall fun comes along! Some fun plans include visits with grandma, more sewing, a pamper myself day(in my bathroom :)) lots of emails to answer (sorry!), two more Halloween parties, lots of picture editing (love), and my very first race! 
A Few Facts: 
  • Currently craving some delicious spice muffins my friend Shannon made! Candied pecans on top, with cream cheese icing. Mmm. Could eat a whole batch of those things.
  • I am totally loving taking and excited about more fall photo-shoots, so if you live locally and are interested  get in touch! 
  • I actually had medium brown hair till about when I hit puberty (around 12-ish), then it turned this auburn red that I have now.
Here's crossing my fingers for a productive week. What are you looking forward too?
xo, Emily

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  1. oh my god ! both of them are cute ! and i love your pictures !
    thank for sharing my dear

    come and see my blog

  2. Productive week over here too! You make me confident that I can really keep up with this to-do list. We´re warriors ;) Have a great Sunday and I love that pic too ;)


  3. The last picture is so adorable! You are a lucky girl :)

  4. Awww, cute pictures! I love all the food pix too!

  5. My big sister just got that All You Need Is Love journal! Funny!

  6. That food looks so YUMMY! I also have a long to do list. BUT instead of doing any of it I'm sitting at the computer blog surfing lol. I hope you accomplish more of your list than I seem to be accomplishing of mine!

  7. That pic is too cute! And that spice muffin sounds AMAZING!

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  9. Super cute mowing picture! We are expecting our first baby this week (due this Fri, but may be induced this Wed. Aaaaah!) and I can't wait for moments like this that seem so simply yet so hard to forget.

  10. That lawn mowing picture is the most precious thing I have seen all week. What a cutie pie!!