Wednesday, October 24

Wanna be friendlies with me?

This is that funny post that pops up once in a while, where I put myself out there in a funny way, and let you know that I am currently offering up ad spaces for the following month!
Freckled Fox readers love pretty pictures, tempting to-dos, and addictive personalities!
Every week in November is planned to perfection with tasty treats, fall DIY's, those hair tutorials you keep coming back for, and many fun giveaways! With lots of new and special goodies in-between. If you get the feeling that we'd be a good fit together, head on over to my Sponsor Page to find the ad size that's just right for you! Each size has different perks, but this month only you can get a whopping 50% off all sizes (excluding the XL) when you buy three consecutive ads using the code: 3months50

I really love nothing more then promoting hardworking bloggers and shop-owners, and I would love to promote you, and give your blog or brand a little boost forward!! The process has never been easier and faster with Passionfruit Ads, so what are you waiting for?! Lets hook up:)

Can't wait to meet you!
xoxo, Emmy

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  1. Weird to see 'November' in print. YIKES! How close we are creeping to the holidays.