Wednesday, September 19

Little Letters Link-up! #2

Happy Wednesday Guys!! Today is another link-up day! I loved loved reading the letters from last weeks entries, and I can't wait to read Yours! Since this is still so new, I'll include the rules and button again at the bottom, before the linky, but for now I'm just going to go ahead and write out my post:) 
Dear Martin, ahhh why do you spoil me so? I had a great time with you last night! Lets do the whole date thing again soon what do you say?
Dear Leather pants, I think you are the raddest item of clothing I have ever owned. Thank you for making my butt look so good. Heaven knows I need all the help I can get after three kids.haha
Dear oldest sister of mine, congratulations on your sweet baby girl! After four boys, I know you were more then ready, and I'm so happy that you can know the bond that happens between mother and daughter. So happy for you!
Dear hoodies, you are by far my favorite thing about fall. We will be reunited again soon. Be patient.
Dear finger nails, I am sorry to say that you are a let down. I know that I have to keep you painfully short in order to type and sew and play the piano and do all manner of motherly duties, but you could at least TRY to grow long once in a while. Jus sayin...
Dear Spiders in my basement, I will bring death to you, and your entire family. The end.
Dear Sophie, because I love you to pieces, I must tell you that you will not make many friends in this world if you bite any more arms. Your older sister was a lot more forgiving then most people would have been under the circumstances. Just FYI little love! :) 
Dear new ipod touch, as sorry as you may feel for getting rejected not only by me, but by all the potential buyers that have passed you by, just keep in mind that someday, someone will want you... maybe.
Dear tummy, why are you growling at me? its only been an hour since I ate breakfast, and you still have a while till lunch. This is very unlike you, so hush.
Dear baby John, I am truly sorry that you have a cold, but the way you snort when you laugh because of it is just too adorable for words.
Dear blog, I have so many surprises in store for you, and you don't even know it yet!
Dear blog friends, I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I can't wait til this blogging slump subsides for you all and everyone is back in action. Love the cold weather months!
Sincerly, Emily

Link-up Rules and Regulations:
Write out your Little Letters post sometime in the next two weeks, also feel free to include a picture of yourself (or anything else really). You can write 20, or you can write 2, and be as creative as you want! heck, I've written to my washing machine so... then its just 1, 2, 3!
#1: Add this Link-up button on your blog somewhere. You've gotta do it kids! Otherwise, your entry will be deleted from the list, and that'll make me sad:(
#2: Just click the blue 'click here to enter' below and add yourself to the list! (If you wanna start doing this regularly, it's probably best to just make a blog label for your Little Letters and link that up. okee doke?
#3: Check the rest of 'em out! Read others letters and make new friends:)


So now go and do it! I mean it. You have no choice in the matter. I can't wait to read 'em!!

xo, Emily


  1. you're gorgeous d would you like to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin?? let me know dear:)


  2. Lovely pic - not awkward at all.

    LOL! Week two already? I just did it from the first week. :-)

    1. haha thanks rissi! What I see it I feel like saying "Hello, Clarice" (like from silence of the lambs.haha)

  3. How do you delete a linky? I didn't do it right.

    1. Hey Becca! Thanks so much for entering! I can delete it if you want, it looks like its working okay though, so just let me know!

    2. The first one just linked to my home page, the second one I added links to the actual menu for Little Letters. Could you delete the first one? thanks :)

  4. Laughed out loud at the spiders one!!! :)

  5. For some reason the HTML for the button won't work...have I missed something to inserting the picture in my post?